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Do you support the Illumination bar?
From version 3.15.100 of the app upwards, yes.
There's support for the following phones
Xperia™ SP
Xperia™ ZL
Xperia™ ZR
Xperia™ UL
Xperia™ A
Xperia™ U
Xperia™ L
Xperia™ S (only white led in hardware)
Xperia™ SL
Xperia™ P (only white led in hardware)
Xperia™ sola
Xperia™ ion
Xperia™ acro HD
Xperia™ go
Xperia™ M
Xperia™ M dual

Note that there's quite a combination of LED types with these phones. Some just have a notification led, some have an LED strip across the bottom and some have both. Also some have only a white illumination bar whereas others have full color support.

There are two settings that control these LEDs to enable or disable them.
In lightflow, settings
    - Illumination bar
    - Main Led Control

If your phone has both types of LED (such as the xperia U) then you can enable both and set them different colors for each in the notifications section of lightflow.

If your phone only has an illumination bar (such as the xperia SP) then you've two options.
Either enable "Illumination bar" and switch off "Main led control" or visa-versa.

If you select Main led control then the led will work when the screen is off only.
If you select illumination bar then the led will work when the screen is on or off.

The Main led control will just light the middle LED of the illumination bar whereas the Illumination bar control will light all 3 LEDs.

If you have both enabled, you may get a mix of both, but the illumination bar controls will generally override the main led color controls.

The led does not work, what can you suggest?
Firstly make sure stamina mode (or extended battery mode) is disabled as this will kill any 3rd party services running in the background (including light flow)
Go into your phone settings->accessibility and switch off and back on lightflow in the list.
Check if there's a setting in your phone settings->display. If there's one regarding the led/light make sure it's on. (don't worry if it's not there)
Switch off your phone with the power button. Then switch it on again.
Go into lightflow -> general settings and make sure direct mode is off.
Then go into notifications -> missed calls.
Set the color to "red"
Set the flash speed to "fast"
Press "test"
Switch off your screen and wait 10 seconds.
Does the LED light up?

If that doesn't work, can you go into your phone settings, apps, choose lightflow and select "clear data" and see if that helps.

Why does the app not work with stamina mode?
This is something I'm looking into. Light flow can be "white listed" by adding it to the exceptions list of apps that are excluded from stamina mode. Note though that if your other apps that are raising notifications are not also in the list, they won't be raising notifications until when the screen is turned by on. Update: it seems that some phones now do work with it, or will put up a message saying that light flow will prevent stamina mode.

I've just upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich (android 4.0.4) and now the app doesn't work?
I've had a few reports of this on several sony phones upgraded to 4.0.4.

There are quite a few reports in general with the led on sony's support forums so I think it may be a bug in sony's recent rom upgrade.
A quick google search on "sony 4.0.4 notification led" shows up lots of problems.

Hopefully sony will fix it soon.

I'm aware of custom patches for rooted users existing where users have fixed this driver issue sony have created in ICS.

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