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I just get a green light all the time, is my phone supported?
Sadly when HTC started using versions of gingerbread and above (android 2.3.x) on their phones they changed the permissions required to be able to access the LED hardware.

Therefore "root" is now required to be able to control the LEDs.

For more information on rooting, see our faq page at

With root access, the app would most likley work in "direct mode".
Note that most HTC phones allow for 3 colors to be chosen (the color limitation is due to the limited hardware in HTC phones). The colors being green and two shades of orange.

Can I get the led to blink?
Select the notification you are interested in, enable the "mixer" option and then for each led you can enable either solid or flashing for it. Note this is only available if you've got root as described above

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