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I've just upgraded to Lollipop (android 5) and now my back led is strobing
We've had a few reports of this and are looking into the issue. It seems like an LED driver bug in Lollipop but we will try and find a way around the issue.

One way to stop this is to go into your phone settings->display->Notification Light->Rear LED and switch it off

The front LED isn't working
Make sure you go into your phone settings->display->Notification light->Front led and make sure "downloaded apps" is enabled.

The LED's don't work at all.
A few people have been reporting this. So far the only fix seems to be to do a factory reset of the device and choose not to restore existing apps when signing back up. I'm not quite sure why this is, but so far it's fixed the issue for 100% of people who've reported it.

Is it possible to control the back leds?
Yes, but only for root users as LG don't provide any standard access method to it. Once rooted you can enable button-backlight1 and 2 in lightflow->settings. Once enabled you can select them for each notification. There's 1 and 2 as each side of the ring of the led is independent and so can be set up with a different brightness level for each

 I select a color for gmail, but it always shows as green?
There's a workaround for this issue in Light flow from version 3.15.105 upwards

I can't get the app to work, can you help?
If running an android version lower than 4.3:
- Go into your phone settings->accessibility and switch off and back on light flow in the list.

If running android 4.3 or above
- Go into your phone settings->security, notification access and switch off and back on light flow in the list. 

For all versions then
Go into your phone settings->apps(or applications)->select light flow and make sure "show notifications" is checked.
Go into your phone settings->display. Make sure your notification leds are enabled.

Then in the led specific settings switch off all options except "downloaded apps" (on android 4.4.2)

Switch off your phone with the power button.
Then switch it on again. Go into lightflow -> general settings and make sure direct mode is off.
Then go into notifications -> missed calls.
Set the color to "red"
Set the flash speed to "fast"
Press "test" Switch off your screen and wait 10 seconds.

Does the LED light up?

If not, try getting a real missed call as sometimes the test option is less reliable than the real notifications.

If it still doesn't work, try to disable and then re-enable the notification and repeat the test. If that doesn't work, can you go into your phone settings, apps, choose lightflow and select "clear data" and see if that helps.

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