Phone Help Samsung Galaxy S3

How do I set up my phone to get notification LEDs from Light Flow?

Go into your phone settings, accessibility and switch off light flow
Then go into your phone settings, security, notification access and switch on lightflow

Go into your phone settings->application manager->select light flow and make sure "show notifications" is checked.
Then restart your phone (ie power it off and back on)
Go into your phone settings, display, led indicators and make sure only "notifications" is checked.
Go into lightflow, settings and make sure all of the following are off (they should be by default):
      Direct mode
      Samsung root mode
      USA/Canada S3 mode.
Then go into lightflow, notifications, missed call and select the color red.
Press the phones "home" key and switch off the screen.
Then try get a missed call and see if the led flashes red.
If that works, then settings other notifications on should generally work. 

When I try to switch on the accessibility service the phone warns me that it's going to switch off features such as Air View, Air gesture and a few others. Why do these need to be switched off?
They don't, and most can be switched straight back on once light flow is installed. It's a bug in Samsung's accessibility service which causes this.

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