Samsung Light Flow migration guide

Versions of Light Flow prior to 3.65.0 worked around issues with Samsung leds in a way which has now been greatly improved in the later releases.

The app should keep running in the old way by default, so if you want to update to working in the improved way follow the steps below:
Note if you already have the paid for pro version of the app, if you leave that installed on your phone and install Light Flow Legacy you'll be able to keep the full features without paying again.

You can then either set the app up again from its default settings. To do this:

Follow the steps below:
  • Go into your phone settings
  • Click on "Applications" from the list
  • Click on "Application manager"
  • Choose Light Flow Legacy
  • Select "storage"
  • Choose "clear data"
The app will now be reset to its default state. Then when you run the app it'll set all the settings automatically for this version

If you have a lot of settings already set up in Light Flow, then it's possible to manually change all the settings for the new release.

To do this, follow these steps:
  • Go Into your phone settings,
  • Select "accessibility"
  • Switch "Light Flow Legacy" off
  • Launch Light Flow 
  • Go into "Settings"
  • Select "Device Settings and Root"
  • Switch off "Samsung 5.1.1 workaround"
  • Switch on "Samsung - Switch screen on"
  • Switch on "Reset color before change"
  • From the main menu, select "Notification settings"
  • Select "SMS"
  • Set the following:
  • Switch On SMS Monitoring method - Monitor SMS Conversations - to OFF
  • Switch On SMS Monitoring method - Monitor notification bar - to ON
  • Switch Off SMS Monitoring method - Monitor SMS Conversations - to OFF
  • Switch Off SMS Monitoring method - Monitor notification bar - to ON
Note that Samsung HQ have just informed me (3 November 2016) that the issues such as the default blue led and having to switch the screen on are fixed in their build of Android 7


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