Samsung devices running Android 6 upwards

For Samsung devices running android 6 and above we recommend using Light Flow Legacy as it allows for the always on screen to work with the LED and it also doesn't require the persistent notification.

There have been some reports of the phone app going very slow or the phone reporting it's going slow because of Light Flow on Android 7.

If you are having problems after upgrading from Android 6 to Android 7 try going into your phone settings. 

  • Applications
  • Application Manager
  • Select "Light Flow" (Or Light Flow Legacy)
  • Select Storage and "Clear data"
This will reset the app to its default state, but will hopefully resolve the issue.


  1. The colours aren't working on my Samsung J5 .. any solution?

  2. Hi i thought that this is a led light control

  3. Porqué ya no puedo cambiar de luz led ami cel. No medeja cambiarle.


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