Light Flow Release 3.20

After 4 months of late nights release 3.20 of Light Flow has started rolling out.

The main changes are interface based from a user perspective, but behind the scenes just as much has been changing.

Previously the app would switch off all notifications when entering the app and reset everything back up on exit. With the new "active" notifications page that had to change (otherwise that screen would always be blank) but the drive behind that was also to try and make the app more dynamic and when a setting change takes place it now happens straight away instead of on app exit.

This was essential for one of the new features I'd wanted to add for a while which is much better external app control. Apps such as Llama and tasker can now control approx 100 settings within the app directly (documentation coming soon). This also was necessary for new features planned to be added into future releases of Light Flow.


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