App Permissions

If your phone is running on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or above and you are on at least version 3.60.0 of Light Flow then by default the app will start with no permission requests. Permissions are then only requested based on the features you choose to use. For example for contact specific notifications the app must be able to read your contacts.

For older versions of Android and older versions of Light Flow here's a breakdown of the permissions required by the app on android 5.1 and below

Modify or delete contents of your storage
This is required for backing up and restoring your settings in the tools menu of lightflow

Your Messages
Access mail information
Used for monitoring which gmail accounts you have to notify
Read instant messages
For monitoring for new gtalk messages
Read your text messages
For contact specific SMS/MMS notifications the phone number needs to be looked up which requires this permission
Receive text messages (MMS and SMS)
Used to trigger the new sms notification on receipt of an SMS message

Your Location
Precise location (GPS and network)
For the full version of the app there's a notification so you know when GPS is on or off, this permission is required for that

Take pictures and video
Required by some phones (usually samsung) to get control of the auto focus system which is required before the camera flash led can be used for notification

Pair with bluetooth devices
Needed to monitor when bluetooth is switched on and off

Your personal information
Access to Google Photos - used for picking pictures for the Live wallpaper option
Read calendar events plus confidential information
Used to trigger calendar notifications and be able to clear them

Network communication
Control near-field communication
For reading and writing to NFC tags to control sleep settings via NFC

Phone calls
Read phone status and identity
To monitor for missed calls and to prevent sounds and vibrations while in a phone call 

Your social information
Read call log
To be able to clear missed call notifications
Read your contacts
To be able to provide a list of contact specific notifications
Write call log
To clear the missed call notification when a missed notificaiton is cleared

System tools
Modify system settings
To be able to set the phone to silent mode and change the volume
Test access to protected storage
Used to see if the backup settings option can be used
Retrieve system internal status
Alternative method for monitoring notifications on rooted phones only

Affects battery
Control vibration
For notifications with vibration set
Prevent phone from sleeping
Used to run code to change the notification color and pick up on new events

Status bar
Expand/collapse status bar
For the galaxy s3 to stop the standard blue led overwriting the custom colors

Your applications information
Run at startup
So the service can start when the phone boots

Network communication
View wi-fi connections
Full network access (only in the lite version of the app to serve adverts)
To determine if wifi is switched on 
View network connections
For monitoring data notifications and wifi connection status

Your accounts
Find accounts on device
Used to list the gmail accounts and calendar lists
View configured account
Used to get the e-mail address and calendar names for the above permission

When I switch on Accessibility or the Notification Access for Light Flow it prompts that the app may capture credit card details and/or personal details, why do you want those?
We don't. It's a standard message from Android when switching on any accessibility services, similar to if you use a custom keyboard a similar message pops up. We use the notification access or accessibility service to capture notification events in the notification bar and to recognize when you've entered certain apps to automatically clear down notifications.

The full version of the app doesn't have any internet connection so can't do anything with the data anyway. The lite version just uses the internet for Adverts

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