Change Log

3.75.00 (83984) - 26 Feb 2018

  • Added new wifi notification type
  • Fixed issue with sounds sometimes cutting off or stopping after a while
  • Fixed issue where in the notification picker a sound wouldn't stop
  • Other bug fixes

3.74.05 (83093) - 15 August 2017

  • Fixed issue with Android O where the app would crash when certain other O apps were installed that used adaptive icons
  • Prevented some crashing with TTS
  • Removed the admin options for screen switch on times to comply to updated google developer policies

3.74.01 (83089) - 04 July 2017

  • OnePlus 5 vibration fixes

3.73.01 (83088) - 26 April 2017

3.73.00 - 14 March 2017

  • Set your own text Text to Speech text
  • New TTS options for only playing when connected to certain devices (bluetooth, wired headsets etc)
  • Sleep mode for popup notifications
  • Fix for nexus and pixel missed calls not clearing

3.72.03 - 27 Feb 2017
  • Customizable Text to Speech for notifications
  • New popup notification styles
  • Select audio streams per notification
  • If root mode is enabled the fingerprint should still work after using a custom screen time
  • The battery percentage can be used as a persistent icon
  • New option for repeating sounds and vibration which is more battery efficient (may not work on all samsung phones) - in lightflow->settings->labs (top right icon)->Accurate repeating frequency
  • Bug fixes for whatsapp groups
  • Many other general fixes

3.71.04 (83080) - 08 November 2016
  • Fix for "Samsung - switch screen on" automatically turning on under certain conditions
  • Fixes for repeating vibrations on incoming calls not working on some phones

3.71.03 (83079) - 07 November 2016
  • Bug fixes

3.71.02 (83078) - 07 November 2016

  • Compatibility for Samsung Android 7 devices - more details below.
  • Fixes for repeating sounds and vibrations on older devices (5.1->4.3)
I've spend the last few months helping to provide Samsung with details of what causes the default blue LED to trigger. I've sent them sample codes and apps providing very specifically when this triggers. They responded by investigating and confirming that it was an issue that they could reproduce. Earlier this month they got back in touch to say although they weren't going to fix things for Android 6, they HQ had made changes to fix it for Android 7 which is great news.

Because of this, when Light Flow detects a change from android 6 to android 7 on Samsung phones it'll automatically switch some settings to work better in android 6. You should also get a notification when this happens to let you know.

3.71.00 (83076) - 03 October 2016

  • Rewritten the repeating sounds and notification to make it work on more phones such as Samsung phones
  • Option to not switch the screen on while on charge 
  • Better in call audio handling
  • Fixed a crash trying to add notifications on android 4.2 and below
  • Fixed a crash going into device specific and root settings page
  • Bug fixes

3.70.05 (83075) - 16 September 2016

  • Fix for vibration not ever stopping under some conditions
  • Fix for aquamail
  • Fix for viber
  • Fix for some notification types not showing when adding notifications based on outstanding notifications
  • Some crash fixes

3.70.04 (83074) - 14 September 2016

  • Fix for Samsung always on led blinking
  • Fix for some contact specific notifications not showing in notification settings
  • Fixes for some crashes
Note that if your contact specific notifications that were set up previously versions of the app don't work, try delete them and add them in again.

3.70.03 (83073) - 13 September 2016
  • It's now possible to add notifications for any app installed on the phone
  • You can now create notifications based upon existing outstanding notifications
  • You can filter the text, icons, people that trigger a notification
  • You can add one app many times with different configurations - for example where an email contains the text "SOS" or you get a message from a Whatsapp groups with the text "Android" in it or Google now travel messages with the word "delay" in them.
  • For more details on adding notifications see the help page here:
  • Support for the Note 7 messenger app
  • Improvements on wearable battery usage and an option to totally switch off wearable control in light flow (settings->labs)
  • Fixes for double vibrations or sounds on wearable devices
  • Visual improvements to list clickable areas
  • Many bug fixes 

3.65.05 (83055) - 18 July 2016

  • Total rework for when using Samsung phones running android 6. See here for more details:

  • Workaround for notification setting tabs not showing
  • New persistent icon choices (transparent and another icon choice)
Added support for:

  • Join by joaoapps
  • Worx Home by Citrix
  • Yahoo Sports
  • FR24 Premium
  • LiftMaster MyQ Home Control
  • DONE
  • Samsung Browser
  • FOX Sports
  • Rachio
  • Opera browser
  • Opera Mini browser
  • Bay News 9 Plus
  • Banc Sabadell                 
  • Sabadell Wallet               
  • Imaginbank                    
  • CarrefourPass                 
  • Iberdrola clientes  

3.62.04 (83038) - 16 June 2016

  • Android N beta 4 support
  • Android Wearable battery fixes
Added support for 

  • Kuna 
  • Face Slim Donation 
  • Thumbtack for Professionals 
  • GBWhatsApp 
  • FMWhatsApp 
  • NOWhatsApp 
  • Flamingo 
  • IG Trading 
  • Mamba 
  • homee 
  • Live Football TV Broadcast App 
  • Quizkampen
  • Wamba!
  • Uncharted: Fortune Hunter

3.62.00 (83034) - 24 May 2016

  • Android N beta 3 compatibility
  • Fix for crashing in Airplane/Flight mode
Added support for
  • Lol Friends
  • Prism Bills and Personal Finance
  • Depop

3.61.17 (83032) - 16 May 2016

  • Reworked transferring sound files to wearable devices.
  • Option to not play sound on wearable if the phone is in vibrate or silent mode. (Lightflow->settings->audio settings)
  • Long length notification tones on the wearable will now stop if the notification is cleared part way through playing the sound.
  • Added Flight Mode notification
  • Added roaming mode
  • Fixes for not showing the led when the screen is on in root mode
  • Added the blackberry calendar app to the calendar monitoring
  • Shrunk app size so it will work again on older versions of android from 2.3 upwards
  • Auto sleep DND mode on Samsung phones - fix for verizon versions of android 5.

Added support for

  • ProtonMail
  • Duo Mobile
  • VK Coffee Lite
  • Boost for reddit
  • VictorOps
  • Sighthound
  • Avito
  • Chillmo
  • Walmart
  • Dot Arena
  • Flight Companion
  • Symantec VIP
  • Click Me
  • CM13 messaging app
  • Rocket.Chat           
  • mediprocity           
  • Wync for Lync         
  • Keep My Notes       
  • Move it!              
  • Prip               
  • GizmoHub              
  • Project Fi by Google  
  • KB스타알림                
  • Swipe for Facebook Pro
  • Smart4house           
  • VK Amberfog           
  • Bills Reminder     
  • Lifeline              
  • Lifeline: Silent Night
  • Lifeline 2            
  • Mamba                 
  • Sea Hero Quest        
  • Lords Mobile          
  • Marktplaats           
  • 여름 - 똑똑한 문자앱      
  • Discord
  • Google Express
  • Amazon prime now
  • 날씨 - 웨더퐁(기상청 날씨, 미세먼지, 황사, 위젯)

3.61.14 (83029) - 10 March 2016

  • Samsung devices using the workaround on android 6 upwards won't get stars for apps with notifications recreated by light flow
  • Added support for samsung's email client on android 6
  • Added support to sleep light flow when do-not-disturb is enabled on samsung phones
  • Performance improvements on samsung devices using the accessibility service.
  • Changes to get google now reminders and time to leave working due to recent google now changes
  • Filter for audio on chrome notifications
  • Filter out Skype for business false notifications
  • Root mode - you can now choose to only show the led when the screen is off or when it's on and off
  • Added a .nomedia file to app_icons directory for samsung phones to stop icons showing in the gallery
Added support for:
  • Trivia Crack Kingdoms
  • Trivia Crack
  • MassRoots
  • TrackChecker Mobile
  • MiCollab for Mobile
  • Social Contact Photo Sync
  • Blink Home Monitor
  • Samsung Pay
  • gDMSS
  • YI Home Camera
  • AA App for Android
  • Sugar Mobile
  • Discord
  • BeautifulWidgets
  • MercadoLibre
  • WordSlug
  • Gitter
  • Myfox Security
  • Untappd
  • Parallel
  • Battlelog
  • Myfox Security
  • Untappd
  • Parallel
  • Battlelog
  • regenwarner
  • Korner Security
  • Classroom
  • Kate mobile
  • Quick for Wear
  • Reminders - Task reminder app
  • Broadlink e-control

3.61.09 (83025) - 25 January 2016
  • Fix for inbox not clearing notifications
  • Fix for google messenger notifications sometimes not working
  • Fix for in call sound and vibration sometimes playing when they shouldn't
  • Private messages on Samsung phones on lock screen with workaround may work better
Added support for:
  • SMS
  • iSmartAlarm
  • DHL Paket
  • WPS Office
  • Poczta WPS
  • Bubble for Facebook
  • Fate/Grand Order
  • Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage
  • Metal
  • Touch for Facebook
  • Grommr
  • Telpark
  • Couple - Relationship App
  • Folio for Facebook
  • Jodel
  • MOOD - SMS Messenger
  • BNL Banking
  • Xposed Installer
  • Google photos
  • Doodle: Meeting Planner
  • OctoDroid
  • Gitskarios
  • Pi Automation
  • RSS Widge
  • Cobra iRadar
  • IZON
  • SongPop2
  • Freshdesk
  • DeviantArt
  • Facebook lite (as separate notification to the standard Facebook)
  • Go SMS Pro (as separate notification to the standard SMS)
  • China Gadgets
  • Support for newer version of Good
  • Good - Connect

3.61.06 (83022) - 15 December 2015
  • Fix for new MMS messages causing a crash on android 6 if contact permissions had not been granted.
  • Several other minor fixes

3.61.05 (83021) - 14 December 2015
  • Added playing sounds on wearable devices with speakers running android 6
  • Added notification for while microphone muted within a phone call
  • Added option to choose audio stream for notifications
  • Added option to choose audio stream while in a call for notifications
  • Added option to duck sound when playing a notification
  • Contact specific MMS working
  • Fix for textra getting false mms on sending an MMS message
  • Fixed Android wear devices not vibrating
  • Fix for standard notification LEDs sometimes showing on android 6
  • Fixed Sleep on charge
  • More persistent notification improvements
  • Fixed legacy version doing random repeating and sounds
  • Fixed missing permission request for Gmail per label accounts and per email account notifications
  • Fix for tone picker permission missing
  • Fix for internet permission bug

Added support for
  • Moneycontrol
  • Signal
  • BlackBerry Hub
  • Zsight
  • FlashScore - Sport Ergebnisse
  • Bindle
  • Verizon HTC visual voicemail
  • Trade Me
  • Upwork
  • Scout Alarm
  • Soma messenger
  • Vivint Sky
  • Netatmo Welcome
  • Flutter
  • Sleeperbot - Fantasy Football
  • NDTV News - India
  • PlayStation Messages
  • TFL Travel Alerts
  • MyPhoneExplorer Client
  • Google Calendar - Events
  • Google Calendar - Todo

3.60.15 (83015) - 15 November 2015

  • Added notification for android 6 users with the option to install Light Flow Legacy to remove the persistent notification
  • Detection of multiple versions of the app prompting to remove/disable versions
  • Remove persistent icon when app disabled (note this is only when totally disabled)
  • Removed internet permission from full version
  • A section added in the persistent notification settings to install the Legacy version. 
  • Color persistent icon option
Added support for
  • Echo responder
  • Ascension
  • Summoner Wars
  • Immobilien Scout24
  • RTSInfo
  • My D-link home
  • VK Coffee
  • ThaiFriendly          
  • ThaiJoop             

3.60.7 (83008) - 8 November 2015

  • Fix for bootup crash
  • Fix for persistent icon sometimes still showing in the notification bar in android 6 - note on Android 6 it will still show in the notification bar when pulled down.
  • Added permission requests in notification tone picker to read from sd card.
  • Fix for hex custom color entry
  • Added startup message for nexus 5x and nexus 6p to switch on Pulse Notification Light
  • Lower brightness levels available of 5% and 2% (handy for the nexus 5x)


  • aNag (Critial, Warning, OK and unknown notifications)
  • Alto Mail     
  • Truemessenger
  • Tesla Motors   
  • McDonald's     
  • Switch        
  • Libero Mail     

3.60.5 (83005) - 21 October 2015

  • Removed the persistent notification from the notification bar in android 6.
  • Fixes for the dark theme menus now showing very well
  • bug fixes
Added support for
  • HartslagNu

3.60.3 (83003) - 19 October 2015

  • Permission control for android Marshmallow
  • New sound mode - alarms only for Marshmallow
  • New camera / flashlight mode for Marshmallow
  • Automatic backup of settings for Marshmallow

Improvements on wifi hotspot detection

  • Disabling notification can now has undo option
  • Rewrite of list display
  • Only show the led when screen off (root mode users)
  • Default app led color matches the apps icon color
  • Fix for Samsung email sending causing false notification
  • Fixed Hangouts issues with hangouts 4 and 5
  • Added option to not generate app icons on Samsung devices (stop icons showing in gallery app - selected from the "labs" section in settings)
  • Fixes some Skype issues
  • Fixes for Verizon Messenger+

Added support for

  • Cloudtask
  • Vodafone Mobile@Work
  • PRTG for Android
  • LogDog
  • Guardzilla
  • Canary - Smart Home Security
  • CNBC
  • Aptoide
  • ogwhatsapp (per contact, added to the whatsapp notification monitoring)
  • (fix talon stuff)
  • GBWhatsApp
  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Live Scores
  • MobilePay by Danske Bank
  • Goles
  • Uber Partner
  • WhatAlert
  • ケリ姫スイーツ                     
  • happn
  • Hoccer
  • MivaLife
  • Google Chrome
  • Citi mobile
  • Sigmalive
  • Alfred - Home Care, IP Camera
  • Wordbase
  • MyStocks Pro - Ações
  • Stocks IQ - Stock Prices
  • Alto
  • Ponto Fácil
  • Lexulous
  • Twitch
  • Rival Kingdoms
  • Bluemail
  • Wordox The Word Snatcher
  • Messenger for VK
  • Tiny Tower Vegas
  • SMSSecure
  • Destiny
  • Email Type Mail
  • Google news and weather
  • TVShow Time
  • Canary
  • Motorola visual voicemail
  • Ring
  • Aquarimate
  • YikYak
  • iGrill
  • Number26
  • Hydro Coach Pro
  • MySi di CartaSi
  • Support for Pebble Time
  • MyRadar Weather Radar
  • Capital One Wallet
  • DraftKings
  • Fan Duel

3.55.7 (82232) - 11 August 2015
Added support for Hangouts 4 and a new type of hangouts voice call.

3.55.6 (82231) - 10 August 2015
Fix for ABC news
Fix for Three in touch


  • Newegg
  • Wifi doorbell
  • Katwarn
  • Whatsapp+
  • Weather Underground

Bug fixes and more icons

3.55.4 (82229) - 07 August 2015

Fixes for memory crashes
Fix for hangouts & sms both triggering for hangout chats
Various other crash fixes
Added about 40 icons to replace the "star" on Samsung 5.1.1 devices


  • WordPress        
  • EasyPark               
  • TripIt Travel Organizer
  • Nuzzel                
  • RuneScape Companion    
  • Locate my friends!
  • Real racing 3

3.55.2 (82227) - 03 August 2015
Added support for Samsung 5.1.1 phones see here for details:

Added support for multiple email accounts in "Inbox" by Gmail
Fixed support for Pebble Time


  • WhatsMapp   (supported with the "Whatsapp" notification in light flow)           
  • ChristianMingle        
  • eHarmony        
  • Nubank                 
  • MeToo                  
  • Forward SMS texting    
  • eNotify                
  • Cyber dust             
  • INGMobile              
  • Norwegian iConcierge
  • Nextdoor               
  • Wapo                
  • Android forums         
  • Privat24               
  • iDevices Connected     
  • Arlo                   
  • WhatsFapp        
  • Instwogram        
  • RainToday        
  • Hydro Coach Pro

3.54.14  (82224) - 06 July 2015

Android 5.1 option to now show leds in priority mode fixed
Snapchat fixes
Whatsapp fixes
Crash fixes
  • Waze
  • Vega Conflict
  • Android device manager - find my phone
  • blabel                              
  • Livescore                             
  • NYTimes                              
  • Parkmobile                            
  • Nest                                  
  • Falcon - SMS                          
  • FiiNote                               
  • Clockwork Tomato                      
  • Haaretz                               
  • ynet                                  
  • Athanotify                            
  • Chess                              
  • SetMore                              
  • Alarmclock Xtreme                     
  • Stopwatch and Timer                   
  • Motorola Verizon Voicemail            
  • Empire                              
  • AfterShip Package Tracker             
  • Beamly TV                             
  • CWT To Go                             
  • Reminder                              
  • Swipes To-do and task list            
  • OnCall for Android                  
  • OWA Webmail                           
  • RingTo                                
  • VVS Mobil                             
  • WarnWetter                            
  • Ford OC                               
  • Meduza — новости дня                  
  • WhatsFapp                          
  • Kato                                  
  • Sell on Etsy                          
  • VarageSale                          
  • Antiwo                                
  • Taxibeat                              
  • MoviePop                              
  • LG Visual Voicemail                   
  • Periscope                             
  • SmartCam mobile                       
  • 哔哩哔哩动画                            
  • 國泰綜合醫院                            
  • 手机淘宝                               
  • King of Thieves                       
  • Birthdays                             
  • Upcoming                          
  • App of the Day                        
  • Happening 
  • Pebble time
  • MySi di CartaSi   

3.54.12  (82223) - 30 May 2015

  • Bug fix for cancelling from backup/restore
  • IAP fix
  • Version number display improvements

3.54.12 / 3.54.13 (lite version)  (82221/2) - 30 May 2015

  • Fix for backup / restore
  • For for in app purchases on lite version
  • Fix for not being able to add contact specific notifications on the lite version
  • Other fixes
  • Added
     - SPOTTED - Share the Love 

3.54.11 (82220) - 28 May 2015

  • Fix for some Whatsapp notifications not getting cleared
  • Fix for telegram group pictures/videos/files not going to the Group notification
  • Crash fixes
  • Added
     - Bloomberg Professional
     - qBittorrent Client
     - Lady Pill Reminder

3.54.9 (82218) - 26 May 2015

  • Workaround for Samsung bug causing crashing over time 
  • Now shows "Sleeping" in the notification if light flow has sleep currently enabled
  • Fix for telegram
  • Added
     - Finanzen100
     - Myfxbook
     - Whatsmapp Solo
     - Swiss Traffic Road Live

3.54.4 (82213) - 20 May 2015
Bug fixes

3.54.3 (82212) - 19 May 2015

Note, new permission required - "access google photos" is for the photo picker for the live wallpaper to be able to select pictures taken on the camera on some devices. 
  • Rewrite of the switch screen on option which allows customization of timings for the length the screen is on for.
  • Repeating screen notifications
  • Proximity sensor options for screen based notifications
  • Live wallpaper which allows selecting a picture and then on the lock screen can display several types of color overlay
For details of setting up the above options see here:
  • Total rewrite of the superuser/root process to help reduce lockups and remove the need for "run every command as root"
  • Rewrite of the main process that controls the led cycling. The timings should now be better in Lollipop devices and should also use less battery.
  • Support for samsung's new email client
  • Added facebook incoming calls
  • Added facebook missed calls
  • Whastapp missed calls added
  • Better accessibility options on the notification screens.
  • New levels of notification for inbox as these can now be split between mails and reminders
  • Labs option to stop sms conversation monitoring for some phones where this causes issues
  • Added support for the following apps:            
Amazon Seller                          
Deliveries Package Tracker            
Network Tools                          
MyEffectiveness: Tasks, To-do          
Days Since Task Reminder              
Notifications of Mindfulness          
Continual Success - Positive thinking  
Tiendeo - Deals and Stores            
mylivechat - Android Chat              
S Health                              
Appy Gamer                            
Plus Messenger                        
Bootlog Uptime                      
Reddit now                            
Xbox One SmartGlass                    
SmartThings Mobile                    
Material Messaging                    
Lyft - Taxi & Bus Alternative          
OctoDroid - 3D Printer Control        
Todo Cloud                    PLUS                        
WaniKani Mobile                        
Do Now                              
Email Mail Outlook - Type              
Omlet Chat                            
Socially pink                          
Heroes Charge                          
ParcelTrack FedEx DHL UPS DPD          


3.52.7 (82205) - 18 Feb 2015
Fixes for battery drain/lockup
NBC Conn
Amber Weather
Hubble for Motorola Monitors
Comm100 Live Chat  
Citymapper - Bus, Tube, Rail
Poker Stars EU
Zoho mail      
Hydro coach

Fixes for orientation changes
Other general bug fixes

3.52.4 (82202) - 04 Feb 2015
Wearable Features
Configure your vibration patterns and repeating vibrations to notify your wearable device
Choose a vibration location of
   on phone
   on wearable
   on both
   on wearable if connected or phone if not

Lollipop Features
Option to automatically put lightflow into sleep mode when in priority or none mode
Better color cycling timing
Fix for some boot crashes

Nexus 6 features
Flash the led from the mixer  - due to being software controlled this is only one slow flash speed

General features
Added support for exchange accounts in gmail

Fixes and minor changes
App layout changes
Fixes for google messenger and textra
Fixes for google now traffic

Apps added
Desktop Notifications
Circa News
Crusaders Quest
Wallapop - Buying & Selling
Chiffry Secure Messenger
Falcon Pro
Calendar Events Notifier
nuVue for Plex
Blood Pressure (My Heart)
Good Work
FireAlert 2
AutoRemote Lite

3.51.1 (81100) - 29 Dec 2014
Added contact specific notification for Google Messenger (use the "SMS" notification in lightflow)
Fix missed call showing when rejecting call - lollipop bug
Fix for bad notification posted crash - another lollipop bug
Support for Lollipop profiles (all, none, priority)
Wifi disconnected
Fix for Google now reminder not clearing
Shorter light duration options
Fix for tablet layout
Fix for crash on restore backup
Fix for mobile data notification text wrong
Fix what whatsapp groups
fix google now traffic
Fix for newer version of BBM

google fit
Business calendar 2
Added Podcast Addict
Y!mobile メール
Extensions (vonage)
Dice World!
Facebook Groups
Privat (post)
Pocket Trains
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare


3.50.1 (80100) - 17 Nov 2014
Material design changes including new nav drawer, elevation and FAB button and status bar and fonts
Support for Inbox by Google
Support for new Google messenger app
Removal of "L" notification warning
Ability to show LEDs when the Lollipop volume in "Priority mode"
Support for new Google Now reminders
Support for new motorola email app
New words with friends support
Notification text can now show
  or static (hopefully handy for low priority notification bug on some android devices causing issues with the navigation drawer pull down)

Fix for app not starting on new install
Fix for Llama persistent notifications
Fix for cisco jabber IM
Fix for good for enterprise

Blockdroid pro
Talon plus
Asphalt 8: Airborne
To Do Reminder  
Omni Notes
DB NavigatorZalo - Nhắn gửi yêu thương
Hangouts Dialer
JusWrite Stylus Task Organizer
JusWrite - Note & Organize
VVS Mobil
Vodafone Message+ - SMS & Chat
Focus GTD
Changelog Droid
Weather Timeline - Forecast
Worms 3
Three InTouch
Yata SMS  
New Relic Android app    

3.20.111 (61100) - 09 Sep 2014
Fix for textra
Fix for boxer

7NEWS Denver
Private Place SMS MMS CALLS
Mis Marcadores
Chinese Poker

3.20.110 (61000) - 09 September 2014
Tasker and Llama integration -
Added google now notifications for road closures, accidents

Fix for textra
Filter out some duplicate info in pebble notifications
Fix for adding notification to list not always refreshing without scrolling up and down
Fix for a few crashes
Fix for charging and charged notifications both showing at the same time
Fix for ICQ change to their app
Warning if both versions of the app installed.
Kindle accessibility service check changes

Alaska Airlines
Tic Tactics
Jet Blue
OANDA fxTrade for Android
Iwantim Messenger
Gentle Alarm
Do Not Disturb
Ultimate Rotation Control
LastPass Password Mgr
Security and Antivirus | Lookout
TunnelBear VPN
TeslaLED Flashlight
XperiaBlog App
Gizmo Bolt
Family Guy The Quest for Stuff
Cyber Dust
SMS Blocker - Clean Inbox
Instagram's Bolt
Minesweeper multiplayer Mina2
iVMS-4500 HD
Carbodroid – Drinking Water
Free Caller ID,Block Calls,SMS
Zopim Live Chat
SIMSme – Your secure messenger
TrackChecker 2
Blitzortung Lightning Monitor

3.20.108 (60800) - 16 July 2014
Fixes for some users where the leds were incorrect or not working at all with .107
Added longer times for "stop too many notifications"
Push more SMS information through to pebble and Sony watches
Bug fixes

Messaging Classic - 4.4 Kitkat
Ginger Mail
e-CAL Calendar and Widget
Feed Baby - Tracker & Monitor
CHIP Online
Telegram+ (Unofficial)

3.20.107 (60700) - 11 July 2014
Mobile data graphics resize
Fix for restore "cancel" button still trying to restore settings
Misaligned text in some languages
Fix for changing to Persian language
Fix for blue pulse option on samsung root phones
Added new version of wikr
Fix for K-@ Mail notifications getting removed
Fix for false notifications in chomp
  Malayala Manorama
  IP-Symcon Mobile
  UPS Mobile
  Company - Exchange Email

NS Reisplanner Xtra
TV-Browser - TV Programm
QQ Lite
Chat, Flirt & Dating ♥ JAUMO
DS Finder
SNCF Direct
Phoney Girlfriend
Veronica TVgids
Vancouver Canucks
Telegram S [Beta]
Telegram X
AlertsPro - Severe Weather
Pebble Notification & Reminder

Viper SmartStart

3.20.106 (60600) - 26 June 2014
Vibrate when selecting vibration options
Many bug fixes including
  • Fix for mobile data notification not working
  • Stop false "toast" message about sleep mode

  • NS Reisplanner Xtra
  • Telepatch
  • Blackboard
  • Fenix

3.20.105 (60500) - 23 June 2014

  • Fixes for play store release
  • Hide the flash rate in the notification list when running in direct mode
  • Don't default to an unavailable color when running in direct mode
  • App restart not required to get the correct color list in direct mode as the app will rescan the hardware when changing the setting
  • Fixed a few crashes on old slow phones
  • Fix (hopefully) for go sms pro
  • Fix for a couple of reported crashes
  • Run as su for every command now just just an option with samsung root mode, handy for HTC phones that keep resetting permissions such as the m8
  • App enable/disable lightflow option should now work 
  • Added back in "clear notification style" which had got lost!
  • Language fixes
  • Fixes for some google now notifications getting cleared when they shouldn't
  • WhatsApp contact specific matching improved
  • Fix for loosing settings on upgrade - ie resetting to default colours
  • More new vector based images for notification types
  • Long press on notification list settings on the speaker and vibrate take you to the sound picker/vibrate pattern picker as well as clicking on the text
  • Notification access and accessibility service hints now don't reappear straight away when choosing "skip it"
  • Persistent icon changes should happen straight away and not require a reboot
  • Language fixes
  • Stop opening up the "about" page multiple times
  • More control over sms monitoring of notifications, can now either monitor notification bar and/or sms conversation list
  • Filter out false facebook chathead notifications
  • Fix for im+
  • Fix for surespot
  • Fix for tether not always switching off
  • Fix for yaxim
  • Fix for htc file permissions on phone reboot
  • Filter out false notifications for Verizon Messages
  • Added telegram contact specific notifications, groups and secret chats
  • Fix for not being able to switch off the led in certain circumstances with sms apps

  • Sliding SMS (CM Messaging)

  • Good for enterprise - Calendar Notifications 
  • Good for enterprise - Email Notifications 
  • Good for enterprise - Task Notifications 
  • Pushover - additional notification for high priority notifications
  • Mokriya Craigslist Android app
  • Aggregator | RSS News Reader   
  • Sunrise Calendar               
  • Swarm                          
  • Manga Rock                     
  • mBank PL                       
  • Spiceworks Mobile              
  • kumpello                       
  • fellow me                      
  • Today Calendar                 
  • Lounge                         
  • Emergency AUS                  
  • Xbox One SmartGlass            
  • Moxtra                         
  • Google Opinion Rewards         
  • UP by Jawbone                  
  • NoNonsense Notes               
  • OGWhatsApp                     
  • Skånetrafiken                  
  • Waplog Chat                    
  • Ent Mobile Banking             
  • wkw                            
  • Root Call Manager              
  • Hot or not                     
  • QuizUp                         
  • ChatRoid                       
  • Relay GIF Messenger            
  • Phrase Friends                 
  • WALA FOX 10 News               
  • Bills +                        
  • Snapchat Save                  
  • Hazard Alert                   
  • QuizClash premium/standard     
  • MarkAsRead for Gmail           
  • Freindscout24                  
  • Klyph for Facebook             
  • Klyph Messenger                
  • Blue Mail                      
  • Xsubs                          
  • Arcus: Hyper Local Weather     
  • UberSocial Pro                 
  • AliExpress                     
  • Domino!                        
  • Warframe Utility               
  • Sundroid                       
  • 500px : Best Photos            
  • Rastreio Correios              
  • jdCaptcha                      
  • Word Chums                     
  • Noom: Gesund Abnehmen          
  • Knuddels Chat                  
  • Glide - Video Texting          
  • Mailbox                       
  • Bank of America               
  • IP-Symcon Mobile              
  • Zoiper                       
  • BBC Sport                    
  • TPhone  (T ??)                
  • Flitsmeister                  
  • Buienalarm                    
  • FTBpro                 
  • Aio Visual Voicemail    
  • Samsung Voice Recorder 
  • iPray                         
  • IFTTT                         
  • DS Cam (Synology)             
  • eBay Kleinanzeigen            
  • Squeaky Mail                  
  • Smooth???????             
  • RingCentral Office@Hand    
  • TickTick - To-do               
  • Dash - Drive Smart             
  • MarkAsRead for Gmail           
  • Storm Shield                   
  • HelloTalk Learn Languages      
  • Mandarin IM                    
  • Quran Android                  
  • Lux Auto Brightness            
  • Quiz duel
  • EdenCity
  • Haypi Kingdom
  • TV Pro 2
  • Voo
  • Gunbroker
  • Conversations
  • New version of email+
  • OWA for Android
  • Boom Beach
  • Directed SmartStart
  • Candies With Friends

Version 3.15.110 - March 5 2014
Fixes for vibration issues
Fixed for sound issues
Fixes for switch screen on issues
Various other bug fixes

Samurai Siege
Hailo Müllwecker At Bat
Craigslist for Android (CLapp)
SMARTalk -????????????????-
LINE NEWS / LINE?????????
IQMax Mobile App
hi5 - Meet New People
MaaS360 MDM   (calendar and email)

Version 3.15.109 - February 13 2014
Fix for hanging on some sony phones
Fix a few crashes
Changed default settings for Xperia illumination bar phones
Changes the color "pink" so it shows better on some phones instead of showing as white
Reworked switch screen on option to prevent delay
Better text to dashclock, pebble, smartwatch on android 4.3
Vibrate while in call working on more phones
Better error logging
Fixed some notifications not switching off
Stop disabled notifications getting pushed through to some devices
Option for simpler text in lightflow persistent notification so it doesn't replicate text from other notifications.
Language update and fix for Polish/Spanish

Emergency Alerts
San Jose Sharks Official App
SVT Nyheter
Androidworld Reader
Fancy Hands
StarLine Messenger
Iss detector pro

Version 3.15.105 - January 28 2014
Support for Sony Smart headset pro
Fix for G2 gmail notification always being green
Labs option to force the vibrate settings and ringer settings to always be on after a reboot
Test all notifications now includes countdown
Improved Talon notifications
Many bug fixes and crashes fixes
Xperia illumination bar fixes
Fix for disa

Discover Mobile
Fix for dark theme
Buy Me Pie
Google Opinion Rewards
Alarm Clock Plus

Version 3.15.104 - January 23 2014
Bug fixes

Version 3.15.103 - January 22 2014
Large memory improvements and crash improvements
Sony SmartWatch support
Sony Illumination Bar support
Option to reduce led brightness while in sleep mode
KitKat nag on version upgrade
Notification Listener runs in separate process to protect it from crashes
Switch screen on option working on recent Samsung phones and nexus 5
Fix for hangouts/sms integration requiring hangouts to be enabled for sms to work
Fix for private missed calls not always notifying
Fix for many crashes
Option for Samsung root mode to not always run every command as root
Play audios sounds while in call if requested
Fixing ringing sound repeating
Add cancel vibrate when switching notification off
Fix for gmail - all notifications to stop if firing when it shouldn't
Add ringtone option in picker for all apps (not just incoming calls)
Fix for some apps not ordering correctly in notification list
New warning if notification access not on
Backlight control on the LG G2 (root users only) with their dynamic file paths. Select button-backlight1 and button-backlight2 in the settings menu to enable each part of it
Fix for duplicate sounds/vibrations in kitkat stock email client
Fix for clipped sounds
Fix for chathead false notification when opening (android 4.4 only, English)
Choose what happens when lightflow persistent icon pressed (launch, sleep toggle or reset all notifications)
Option to suppress too many sounds or vibrations from the same notification types in a short period of time (handy for things like IM with lots of notifications)

Planete Galaxy
ASD Mobile
Mail Wise
Call & Message blocker
New pingdom app
Twoo - Meet new people
Google Wallet
Call of Duty®
Spectrum Secure Delivery
Blackboard Learn
Cal - Calendar by
Fly Delta
Hero Academy
Poweramp Music Player
PAD Guide
Samsung voice recorder
Naver Blog
Nedap Ons
Mail Wise
United airlines
Chamberlain MyQ Home Control
ESPN College Football
Palringo Group Messenger
Gigaset elements
20 Minuten (CH)
Missed call (HD VOICE)
Voicemail Icon Monitoring
Private Message Box : Hide SMS
Libon – Voicemail & Free Calls
ZD Calendar
Talking Clock Pro
aTorrent Pro
SmartThings Mobile
Calendar snooze
Huffington Post
AP Mobile
Injustice: Gods Among Us
Stampede Run
What's the Phrase
Skee-Ball Arcade
Sparse rss mod
FirstClass Mobile
THE Football App
Talon for Twitter
News+ | Google News RSS Reader
Gigaset elements
Security news
Bitcoin Checker
Nine - Exchange ActiveSync
IP-Symcon Mobile

Version 3.14.101 - 24 November 2013
-fixes for kitkat and nexus 5 (including stuck notifications)
-fixes for sms and mms
-rewritten test option
-improved layout for nexus 7
-fix for google voice notifications getting stuck pre android 4.3
-root mode for note 3 and 4.3 s4 users to allow screen on control - note you'll need to suppress "granted su" notifications in your super user app do not keep getting notified
-pebble sleep mode fix
-New gmail notification type - all notifications grouped into one setting

Battle Dragons
Jungle Heat
Total Conquest
Battle Command
Castle Clash
Battle Beach
EZ Pill Reminder
Throne Wars
Parakeet - Waking up made easy
Smart Messenger
Bitcoin Alert
Bitcoin Wallet
Cuban Dominoes
Touchdown calendar
Touchdown tasks
Touchdown email
iFunny :)
Cloud Softphone
My prayer
HotUkDeals Official app

Version 3.12.8 - 10 November 2013
SMS bug fixes and change to hopefully clear notifications better
Attempt on nexus 5 to stop LED after the phone rings
Fix for some "force close" errors on tablets

United Airlines
20 Minuten (CH)
My Class Schedule

Version 3.12.7 - 09 November 2013
- Fix for textra
- General bug fixes
- Note about sms new option to help switching off sms
- Added

Version 3.12.6 - 08 November 2013
- Fix force close on choosing root mode

Version 3.12.5 - 07 November 2013
- Fixed android app store links
- Contact specific notifications for google voice
- Contact specific notifications for hangouts (with some limitations)
- Workaround for nexus 5 not being able to have the led always on
- Fixes for kitkat stock email app
- Support for sms hangouts integration in kitkat
- Better layout of notification list for full hd screens
- Fixed clearing of some sms messages in android 4.3 upwards

- New intent to switch off notifications from 3rd party apps - ""
New intent to switch on/off individual notifications via intents ""
Where extras = notification|WIFI|Wifi On|Wifi body text

- 5 external app notifications for control from llama and tasker etc
- Some performance improvements
- Find your led too bright, now you can reduce its brightness level in the settings menu
- Better tablet layout
- Option to stop pushing notifications to pebble when in sleep mode.
- Don't vibrate if in silent mode option

TV Guide Mobile
8 Ball Pool
AirWatch Email Client
Clash of Clans
GasBuddy - Find Cheap Gas
Sleep as Android
Canadian Weather
Naver Calendar  ??? ???-???/???
Surespot encrypted messenger
Emu Messenger
Alarm Box
AT&T Voicemail Viewer
Web OPAC: 200 + libraries
Ultimate Rugby
Air Watch Email
Tasks (Based on Astrid)
Flow for Reddit
Drift for
Preguntados / Trivia Crack
Blockdroid (Blocket-annonser)
The ESPNcricinfo Cricket App
Host Ping
Frankly Messenger & Group Chat

Version 3.11.2 (Release 1105) - 03 October 2013
More knox / s3 root fixes
Filter false notifications for Glo mobile Nigeria carrier

Added intents for other apps to pick up on such as Llama and Tasker etc

Activities for other apps to Trigger such as NFC Task Launcher

Chase Mobile
SMS Parking

Version 3.11.0 (Release 1104) - 30 September 2013
Theme selection. Choose the a light or a dark theme
Fixes for root mode Samsung users
Removed persistent icon requirement on android 4.1 and 4.2 (still required in 4.3) if running in the foreground
Battery improvements
Bug fixes


Version 3.10.1 (Release 1103) - 27 September 2013
New interface look
Changes for Samsung note 3 compatibility
Allow app to run with KNOX on Samsung phones (if not running in root mode)
Compatibility for upcoming version of android
Added BBM (the official version)
Added wireless charging picked up with the charging notification
New card widget theme
Bug fixes

Google keep
BBC news worldwide
Microsoft Lync 2013
xREL v4
Chinese Open Face Poker
Garden Manager
KeepTrack Pro
Asana Mobile
M+ Messenger
PlanetRomeo: Gay Dating
?? (yixin)          
League of Shadows

Version 3.9.3 (Release 1099) - 16 August 2013
Change to stop Avast complaining (hopefully)
Bug fixes
- Fuubo
- QQmail (QQ??)
- ?????
- Eortologio
- Water Your Body

Version 3.9.2 (Release 1097) - 15 August 2013
Fix for mms not working for some
Verizon fix for false sms messages
Xabber changes
Fix some crashing of SMS apps
Notification access check on upgrade (4.3 users)
Several crash fixes
Fix for sms persistent notifications sometimes showing the incorrect person/phone number

Pocket Weather Australia
Stocks - Realtime Stock Quotes

Version 3.9.1 (Release 1096) - 12 August 2013
- Light flow should show in the "recents" history
- Fix for Gmail inbox for some accounts where it wouldn't show
- Attempt to fix occasional notification bar only pulling down 1/2 way
- Added back in "pull down notification bar" option for android 4.3 due to many requests (but will require accessibility and notification access switched on) - don't enable accessibility unless you want this feature as it won't add anything else (other than additional resources required to run!)
- Fix for some apps such as Kaiten where the notification got cleared when it shouldn't
- Fix for pre android 4.3 where some users found the accessibility option wasn't showing
- N'4Get stick notifications now working
- Improvements for rssdemon
- Improvements for kaitenmail (in android 4.3)
- Fix for textra notifications switching off
- Fixes for dashclock notifications not showing on some roms
- Fixes for some crashes on samsung phones regarding the phone ringing options - why is nothing standard on samsung phones :-(
- Fixes to stop false notifications in xabber
- Improved "test" option
- Fix on verizon phones where a text message notification shows in addition to an email notification when an email arrives

- USA version
- Strava Run GPS Running Tracker
- FranklinPlanner Activity
- Fav Talk
- Vera Alerts
- µTorrent
- Packetracer
- HipChat beta
- Ingress (separate notifications for under attack, neutralized and comms)
- Twitter separate notification types for direct messages, retweets, favorites etc
- PHONE for Google Voice & GTalk
- Valkyrie Crusade

Version 3.9.0 (Release 1093) - 08 August 2013
- 4.3 Swipe away notifications, notifications will clear when read remotely (such as hangouts)
- 4.3 Handle new restricted profiles for users
- New Gmail folders compatibility (ie forums, promotions, social, updates etc)
- HTC one flashing led compatibility (switch on alternate htc direct mode in settings, run as root, enable mixer - if set to flash a brightness value of 1,2 or 3 should show different flash rates)
- Fix for visual voicemail (so it's separate from voicemail)
- New battery low option to not show notification when the phone is on charge
- Add option back in for persistent icon (plus show in color option)
- Fix for YouniSMS
- Added Slovak language (thanks to Martin Serafin)
- Added incoming phone call notifications, such as custom ringtones, custom vibration patterns (note most phones won't show an led when the phone rings due to the screen being on)
- Added exclude from sleep mode
- Update for new skype app and more options to configure different notification types
- Added Samsung multi-window support
- Improvements to the "test" notification option
- Bug fixes for NFC state on boot
- Fix for 2 second timeout of screen if using the "switch screen on option"
- General other bug fixes

Added support for the following apps:
iSlick - Daily Deals, Coupons
Threema + Program kin a TV
ABC News
BBC News
Blue Iris
????????? ?????????  (VK Chat)
Jurassic Park Builder
Smurfs Village
Tasks (Marten Gajda)
SFR Mail
Janetter for Twitter
SFR Répondeur +
Google Voice Messaging
Visual Voicemail Plus (Fido)
Call Guard
???? (Baidu Post Bar)
????? (Assistant Version Email)
Mini Golf MatchUp
KurJerzy - Sledzenie Przesylek
Handwriting Notes
FlightView Elite
Draw Something 2
Random Mate
Klyph for Facebook
TickTick - To-do & Task List
Tasks & Notes for MS Exchange
Super Stickman Golf 2
Utah Dept of Transportation
Swisscom iO
Candy Crush Saga
Shpock: mobile yard sale
D.O.T. Defender of Texel
Twitch Alert
RSS Junkie (RSS Reader)
What's the phrase
Pocket Informant
Advanced Message
Boomerang: Email App for Gmail
Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal
n'4get Reminder
Photo Screensavers
MP3 music downloader pro
Messagerie vocale visuelle
SFR Répondeur +
Calls Blacklist
Endomondo sports tracker
- Pocket Informant 3
Messages +
New LG email client

Version 3.8.0 (Release 1087) - 06 June 2013
Change jellybean run in the foreground to use a lower priority notification
Made persistent notification show some meaningful text
Removed persistent notification for older versions of android
Reworked how to display apps listed where accessibility is not on
New "clear notifications style" of "screen unlocked"
Changes to try and get working with latest CM roms

Added great support for Ninja SMS thanks to the great Ninja Apps team - requires version 1.4 of their app and the light flow option enabling.

Also added:
  Added google now "time to leave"
  Reddit sync dev
  Textra SMS`
  joyn.T - ??? (SK????)
  Highlight - People nearby
  Iron Man 3
  Loader Droid
  Atrium for Facebook
  UNO and Friends
  Burner - Disposable Numbers
  Call Reminder
  Support for more Hangout notification types

Version 3.7.1 (Release 1084) - 18 May 2013
Added support for google hangouts, dynamically detecting which version of gtalk/hangouts to use, plus pushing text to - DashClock
Added new google now reminder notification
Made persistent icon mandatory when running in foreground mode  - as requested by google request for an upcoming version of android :-)
Fixed chat heads notifications on some devices

- Top Eleven                
- Hot Uk Deals              
- Terremoto!                
- my Secure Mail - email client
- VMware Horizon Mail        
- Simple bank                
- PhotoCircle                
- Series Guide              
- Eve Watch                
- Eden                      
- Business Tasks            
- RenRen                    
- GPS Tracker Configurator  
- WiFi Tether Router        
- ?                          
- ICmess                    
- Day by Day                
- Androick                  
- Shiprack Package Tracker  

Bug fixes

Version 3.7.0 (Release 1081) - 10 May 2013
Added five DashClock extensions, so you can now see all your notifications from your lock screen and get direct access to apps and system settings.
e.g. Silent mode will take you to the sound menu,
       Wifi on into the wifi settings,
       Apps will display text from most of them and allow direct access to them
       Heavy traffic notifications will take you to google now
It'll show up to five outstanding notifications from lightflow based on the priority order set within light flow.

Added support for facebook chat heads in messenger app (including contact specific notifications)
Added more detailed facebook notifications, now has
   -- facebook (which will catch all notifications)
   -- friend requests
   -- invites
   -- message
   -- post/notification
   -- upload complete

Rework of accessibility settings on Samsung devices

Added support for not using the accessibility service with a restricted list of notifications

New Samsung root mode to replace S3 root mode. Should work on the note 2, s3 and s4. More battery efficient and custom led timings possible

Fix for some custom roms where the app would hang at "identifying apps" due to what seems to be a kernel bug

Improved xabber notifications
Weatherbug and accuweather notification improvements
IMO - filter out notification types
Kaiten  filter out some notifications

Many other bug fixes.

Added support for the following 70 apps
PixelPhone Pro                    
News Republic                    
Series Addict                    
Emoze- email app                  
Changelog Droid Premium            
ScienceIllustrated Quiz Battle    
DW Contacts and Phone and Dialer  
Metatrader 5                      
Shakes and Fidget                
socially pink                               
Iphone Messages                  
iCam - Webcam Video Streaming    
The Student Room                  
Xparent Twitter                  
mypeople Messenger                
Changelog Droid                  
Call End Tone                    
PC Monitor                        
Stock Alert                      
GuySpy gay dating and video chat  
Prime Guide                      
Ring Central                      
Text from Tablet-SMS Messaging    
francetv info                    
Volvo On Call                    
Wrike – Project Management        
FlightAware Flight Tracker        
Free SMS Sender                  
The Guardian                      
RTL Nieuws                        
Family Feud                      
Prevue GE                        
Kontalk Messenger                  
Notifier Widget for Facebook      
Metatrader 4                      
Metatrader 5                      
Blood brothers (RPG)
Wordblitz for Friends
TV Guide Smart
Redfin Real Estate
Simplest Reminder  
Say the same thing

2 new permissions required:
 - k9 email permission for upcoming better k9 support
 - retrieve system internal status - for root users only for better notification access

Version 3.6.3 (Release 1074) - 27 March 2013
Fix some more gmail changes causing light flow to crash for some users
Fixed stale priority list
Fix gmail popup label

Added support for:
Handcent Pro support
Messaging + Google Voice        
Hide SMS - private text vault    
KSWEB: server + PHP + MySQL      
Touch Calendar  
USA Today                        
Notification Agenda              
Meteor Shower                    
Zoosk - friend, chat, dating    
Tamagotchi L.i.f.e.              
BeejiveIM for Jabber            
Text Like Home                  
The Weather Channel              
Outlook Mobile Access            
RSOE EDIS Notifier Lite          
Remosync business email          
MobiMail for Outlook Web Email  
Facebook Pages Manager          
Ingress Passcodes                
Birthday list                    
The Simpsons™: Tapped Out        
TU Go from O2                    
Robin for                
IP-SMS - cheap SMS              
Fast Notification for Facebook  
Hornet - Gay Chat & Dating      
QQ HD Min                        
KLACK TV-Programm                
Wordmatch - PRO                  
Fusion Messenger                
Yandex mail                      
Good Morning Alarm Clock        
Transdroid Torrent Manager      
Real Racing 3                    
Chameleon Launcher              
Changelog Droid                  
Android IRC - Internet Chat      
Baby Connect                    
Pigeon - Email client            

Version 3.6.2 (Release 1073) - 23 March 2013
Fix for gmail labels for some accounts showing as blank
Fix for some gtalk notifications causing crashes
Fix for popup message for gmail labels contacts being incorrect
Fix for whatsapp always showing in contacts
Fix to not always show twitter in the priority list
Made the notification list return to the same place after making notification changes
Added icon for sub folders such as google now, gmail and contacts

Version 3.6.1 (Release 1071) - 19 March 2013
- fix for google now not showing items
- added support for labels in gmail in android 4.0 and 4.1
- Fixed gtalk not working
- Fixes sms's sent from e-mail addresses causing a crash
- Fixed repeated crashing for some with new notifications
- Removed dashclock reference (until the feature is complete)
- Added whatsapp contact specific notifications

Known issues: Google labels not showing for some gmail accounts, still looking into this
Some old entries in the priority list

Version 3.6.0 (Emergency fix for gmail 4.3) - 18 March 2013
-Fix for new gmail version
-Added gmail labels for android 4.2 mr1 and above
-Added drag and drop priority ordering
-Added google now notifications
-Added wifi notification (either wifi on, or wifi connected to network)
-Added gps notification
-Added wifi hotspot notification
-Added mobile data connection notification
-higher res launcher icon for nexus 10
-fix for some pebble notifications not coming through
-fix for screen switch off time in android 4.2 when using switch screen on option

Version 3.5.2 (Release 1066) - 11 February 2013
Added Pebble smart watch support. Push notifications to your pebble from lightflow. Also get a notification light/sound from your phone when connected or disconnected from your watch (configurable)

Fix for screen flickering on some devices
Fixes for IM+

Private SMS and call
Slices for Twitter
Timesheet - Time Tracker
Time Recording - Timesheet App
WordOn HD
UK Weather Forecast
Vkontakte Kate Mobile

Version 3.5.1 (Release 1065) - 06 February 2013
Fix for some non-translated text showing as blank instead of in English
Force close crash fixes
GateSMS (with full swipe support - will need an update to GateSMS coming very soon before it'll work)
IBM Sametime
SMS and Call Blocker Plugin

Version 3.5.0 (Release 1064) - 05 February 2013
Fix for priority led control method
Removed duplicate live score addicts
Transparent and semi-transparent widget themes added
Widget can now either toggle sleep mode or clear all notifications
Fixed screen flash on jellybean mr1
Sliding Messaging full support (including swiping to clear)
Fixed layout of volume sliders on hi-res devices (such as the nexus 10)
Fixed widget changing to white
Changed to recover from been killed by services such as titanium backup
Don't show telephony notification types on tablets without phone service
Improvements for the low battery notification, charging and charged
Clear missed calls from swipe and also via callback and message buttons in notification
Led flash speed of "faster" added (good for nexus 4 matching galaxy nexus flash speeds)

Mail Alert              
Live Score SofaScore    
Tablet Talk              
Tasks To Do, To-Do List  
Project Galaxia          
CBS SportCaster          
Prayer Time              
USAA Mobile              
Wordsmith Tournament    
eWeather HD, Radar HD    
Tuenti Social Messenger  
WoW Droid Armory        
FREE Calls with magicJack
Agent free voice calls  
Football Scores Live    
Flipster for Facebook    
Talkatone free calls    
Lords of Knights        
Twidere for Twitter      
Vault-Hide SMS          
Med Minder              
Outlook Web Mobile      
cPRO craigslist Client                  
Fast for Facebook        
Chess presso Multiplayer
Home Wizard                     
Letter by Letter        
Liga de Futbol Profesional
Goals Messenger          
050 plus                
NHL GameCenter          
Qustodian - Ads and Offers TV Guide UK
1Weather Alerts          
Android 4.1 JB messaging/Messaggi
Add supported kaiten mail
BattleFriends at Sea
Nexus Availability Checker
National Rail Enquiries  
ProfiMail Go          
SMS AutoReply            
iMap Weather Radio
AK Notepad              
FOCUS Online  Nachrichten
3D Musical Greeting Cards
Skyroam Gmate            
Carbon for twitter
URL Maestro              

Version 3.4.2 (Release 1058) - 24 December 2012
Fix a crash on testing notifications
Improved german translation
Visual Voicemail Plus (Rogers)
Boid for Twitter            
SNCF Transilien              
RATP : Subway Paris          
Live score addicts

Version 3.4.1 (Release 1057) - 23 December 2012
Pull down notification bar bugfix
Facebook bugfix
Fix some crashes
Lock screen widget
Phoneweaver and godville support

Version 3.4.0 (Release 1056) - 21 December 2012
Supports ICS and above multiple calendars plus swiping away notifications
Added "Root mode" so you can enable/disable root options
Added priority sorting of notifications
More battery efficient - less wake locks
Fixed some issues with test mode (still not totally perfect, but hopefully better)
Fix for some nexus 4's with crazy flashing lights when cycling
Fixed black screen issues for some
Fixed application not responding for some with root mode and sms notifications
Fix for Turkish language causing crashing
Added Arabic (thanks to abu iyadd)
Potential workaround for screen flash not switching off in jellybean 4.2 until the screen timeout it reached. (new write settings permission required)
Fix to re-enable aquamail (new aquamail permission required)
Added tapatalk themes

Added 62 new apps
    Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth
    Due Today
    Tuenti Social Messenger
    Bria Android - VoIP Softphone
    Note+ Notes
    Note Everything
    Jasmine IM
    Live Score Addicts
    365Scores:Sport Scores and News
    MeetMe - Meet New People
    Call Control - Call Blocker
    Klaxon Oncall Pager
    Spiegel Online App
    Browser to phone
    Messagerie Vocale Visuelle
    Falcon Pro
    Cisco Jabber IM
    NateOn UC
    ooVoo Video Call
    Mustard MOD Beta
    Tasks+ To Do List Manager
    Farm Story
    Pimlical Advanced Calendar
    Zombie Farm
    Bakery Story
    Restaurant Story
    Order Up!! Food Truck Wars
    Order Up!! To Go
    90elf Fussball
    Cozi Family Calendar and Lists
    Windroid Email
    Med Helper
    AT and T visual voicemail
    K-10 Mail
    TV Guide TIVIKO - EU+USA+India
    Phoenix emperor
    Bike Race    

Version 3.3.0 (Release 1029) - 09 November 2012
Added Nexus 4 compatibility
Added compatibility for Gmail version 4.2
Bug fixes for TransactionTooLarge error

Thuuz Sports
Spare Phone
reMind Alarm Clock

Version 3.2.0 (Release 1026) - 05 November 2012
Fix major battery drain on S3 for some users
Improve updated s3 compatibility (eg at&t and t-mobile)
Stop some crashes on a few samsung devices such as the galaxy note
Fixed whatsapp issue and added a popup option
Allow for group in individual whatsapp notifications to be separated
Several bug fixes
Fix for newer version of twitter (english only)
Full integration with aqua mail for handling multiple accounts, swiping away notifications and the smart inbox

Added support for the following apps:
Trains Timetable Italy PRO
DoubleTwist Alarm
2Do  /  2Do: To do list |Task list
Pink Facebook messenger
Falcon beta
Calista mail
reddit sync
Pocket Planes
Scout Plus
Messaging 7
Magic Jack
Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North
Adam4adam radar
Dato Gtasks
On track (diabetic tracking)
Reddit Sync and Reddit Sync Pro
ISS Detector
Mobilbox Pro (motorola)
Good Messaging
McAfee EMM
McAfee Secure Container
sms scheduler
Great Big War Game

Version 3.1.1 (Release 1024) - 25 August 2012
Added t-mobile visual voicemail
Fix for s3 auto detection on some models
Fix for ePenPal
Force close fixes
Fix for whatsapp when using popup notifications

ScoreMobile FC

Version 3.1.0 (Release 1022) - 22 August 2012
- S3 for non-root users now with the correct color mapping and no green light!
- Flash rates for s3 (root and non-root)
- Fix for popup messages sometimes not disappearing
- Change to help with jelly bean and swiping away the app from the tasks crashing the app

- Shiprack Package Tracker
- ePenpal
- Zynga Poker
- STL-Baseball News
- Song pop
- Out of milk
- Tweetification
- Fetion
- Mini Fetion
- Tweedle

Version 3.0.5 (Release 1018) - Revision 9 August 2012
S3 compatibility for USA for rooted users
Switch screen on when notification arrives
Fix bootup issues of app not starting for some
Fix media player sound issues
- Breaking News Network
- DGT GTD & To-do List
- FreePP                    
- TrackPack                
- FreeNote                  
- FilePush                  
- Tweet Lanes            
- ESPN Streak For The Cash  
- Pushover                    
- AwayFind                  
- Root Call Blocker        
- Tiny Tower                  
- Pink HD for Facebook  
- Google Voice SMS Integration
- QIWI Wallet                
- FBTouch                    
- SMS Enhancer            
- Woot Check                
- QQ                          
- Dropcam                  
- Appy Geek              
- rtv-Fernsehguide      
- Zello Walkie Talkie  

Version 3.0.4 (Release 1014) - Revision 17 July 2012
- Jelly bean fix
- Fix for several crashes which playing notification sounds
- Fix for motorola ICS calendar
- Fix initialization settings so notifications are enabled correctly

- Breaking news
- GG
- n-tv Nachrichten
- Notifry

The new permissions are required for Jelly Bean to stop monitoring for missed calls from crashing.

Version 3.0.3 (Release 1012) - Revision 12 July 2012
Added persistent icon option for those where the app doesn't always start up and stay running
Fix yahoo mail notification
Fix sms messages where the incoming address is an email
Fix several force closes
Fix exDialler notifications
Fix for ICS motorola messaging app
Improvements to notification sound playing so long running notification sounds are get cancelled
Mobisynapse's mOffice
malen mit Freunden
Call Master
Phone Call Blocker
liveware manager
Microsoft Lync  
Popup Notifications
Titanium Backup  

Version 3.0.2 (Release 1000) - Revision 19 June 2012
Bug fixes

Version 3.0.1 (Release 998) - Revision 19 June 2012
Fix for silent mode causing white led all the time
Some crash fixes (more coming soon)
Added back in calendar reminders to lite version

Version 3.0.0 (Release 995) - Revision 18 June 2012
- Volume controls - each notification can be set with its own volume (either fixed or relative to the standard notification volume)
- Notifications can be configured to play a sound even when the phone is in silent mode (for those very important notifications)
- ICS devices can have a different notification volume set to the ringtone volume.
- Adhere to, or override playing notifications when phone in "silent" and/or "vibrate" mode
- ICS look for 4.x devices with faster scrolling
- Widgets - 2 styles of basic widget for viewing and resetting notifications.
- New custom color picker with HEX input available
- New camera flash method selector with additional support for some Motorola phones
- Much faster app startup
- New Labs section: currently with Instant Alert to vibrate the phone when picked up for important messages
 - User interface rewrite
- New lightflow icon
- Added Chinese language
- Control sleep time via near field communications - toggle by tapping a NFC tag
- Notification when in Silent and/or vibrate mode
- Draw Something
- Instagram
- Radio Operator
- Life reminders
- Tagged
- Mr Number
- Path
- FlightTrack
- Chikka Messenger
- Pingdom
- Scramble with friends paid version
- Fox News
- Hookt
- Popup7 (added into the SMS notification)
- TaskSync
- Kitchen Timer for ICS (integrated into the existing Kitchen Timer notification)
- HulloMail
- aCalendar
- Wrangler
- mycalculator
- Tagesschau
- BaconReader for Reddit
- Messaging Metro
- POF (Plenty of fish)
- Cubie Messenger
- SyPressure barometer
- Pocketmanga
- Reddit is fun
- Jorte Calendar
- RemindMe app
- GooManager
- WBIR Weather
- Tasks
- Bankdroid
- Pair
- Tasks
- Applorer
- UniWar
- MyLifeOrganized
- Time2Go
- mysms
- Jabiru
- Pills on the go
- FoxFi
- Aqua mail
- Hi-Q MP3 (Stops the notification when the "stop" button is pressed)
- Dice with buddies
- ADT Pulse
- Jack'd

- Many Bug fixes including:
   - fix for when contacts disappear
   - crashing on getting an SMS message
   - Translation of text in US region
   - fix for several notification types raising "false notifications"
   - fix for random camera flash

Version 2.12.5 (20 Mar 2012) - Revision 895
- Fix for Russian version
- 1 minute, 2 minute and 3 minutes option. for sound/vibrate
- Changed default flash speed back to "fast"
- Other bug fixes
Added support for:
- PhoneUsage
- POF Free Online Dating
- My Free Amazon app of the day
- 1and1 mail
- Reddit News
- pocket informant
- Dell voice
- Private SMS and Call
- Droidsms
- Evernote
- Springpad
- Catch Notes
- Pocket League
- Pocket Casts
- Team Stream
- Angry Words
- Stock duck
- XFINITY Mobile
- GoodNews Reader
- RomeoLive
- Scramble with friends

Version 2.12.0 (24 Feb 2012) - Revision 869
- Fix for contacts getting set incorrectly after a factory reset or new rom
- Custom flash speeds on supported phones
- Fix for fotmob
- Tweakdeck donate,
- aCalendar (as part of the general calendar reminders),
- ProfiMail email client,
- Shady SMS,                
- BeWeather,              
- VZW visual VM,    
- Messenger WithYou,        
- Badoo,                    
- Eurosport,                
- ProfiMail,                
- WootWatcher,              
- Ski Utah,                  
- SP-mode-mail,              
- Weixin,                    
- Weibo,                    
- QQ,                        
- Pro weather alert,        
- ESPN Scorecenter,          
- yuilop,                    
- TD Ameritrade Mobile,      
- Line2,                    
- Steam,                    
- My-Cast weather,
- CadPage,              
- Kitchen Timer,        
- Contacts by Contapps,  
- MSN Mercury,          
- ebuddy xms,            
- shopkick,              
- TextSecure,            
- DX Contact,            
- Extreme Call Blocker,  
- GrooVe IP,            
- XBOX Live Friends,    
- Skout,                
- Aura - Eve Online,    
- Private SMS MMS Box

Version 2.11.0 (12 January 2012) - Revision 868
- Color chooser - go wild and create your own colors (not for "direct mode" users)
- Even faster flash speed
- Fix for weatherbug, SMS, calendar, Plume, gmail, yahoomail, gtalk
- Other apps supported bug fix
- Fix for some touchdown users
- More battery charged threshold levels
- Added Med Helper, issimo, textPlus Gold, Wifi Hotspot and USB Tether, android-wifi-tether,Tuenti, Grindr, Growlr, Scruff, myDealZ, WEB.DE Mail, WEB.DE SMS, nudnik, Pakete, Chess Time, PhoneFusion voicemail+, dialler one support

2.10.0 (30 December 2011) - Revision 854
Added a new monitoring method that displays just the latest received notification - which makes it the most battery efficient monitoring method yet
Improved charging status so it works after boot or after leaving the UI
Fixed false notifications from stock email app, plume and weatherbug in ice cream sandwich
Fixed slknotifications not clearing
Rewritten sleep time dialog to stop incorrect time for some users
Added: Words by Post, Chess by Post, Soccer Scores - FotMob, Reddionic, ICQ, Remember the milk, GNX Mail, LINE, Lifehacker, Google Offers,, DoggCatcher, MB Notifications for facebook, bloo, Voxer and HootSuite

2.9.0 (17 December 2011) - Revision 839
New option to clear notification on notification bar pulldown
Gmail ability to use hacked version to gain contact specific notifications
Rewritten notification system for gtalk in ice cream sandwich/galaxy nexus
Fix for some where the app won't start up bootup
Added support for:, Any.Do, Google Scoreboard, Soccer Livescores, Scanner Radio, Slk notifications for facebook, Watchdog, Tweakdeck

2.8.0 (8 December 2011) - Revision 822
Added gReader, TiKL, ScoreMobile, Package Tracker Pro, Package Buddy      
Added LED flash speed per notification (great for having charge on solid and notifications flashing)
Add 1% battery threshold for low battery
Added very fast flash speed (works on Galaxy Nexus and most Sony phones)
Bug fixes

2.7.4 (1 December 2011) - Revision 816
- Fixed permissions on reboot for root users-thanks to all who helped!
- Reverted the fast flash speed
- Fixed "run in foreground" stopping the "clear all" notification bar working

2.7.3 (30 November 2011) - Revision 811
- Fix for "screen" clearing notifications
- Lots of general crash fixes
- Fix for repeating notifications not stopping
- Fix for direct mode automatically reselecting on some HTC phones
- Fix superuser message popping up when receiving notifications
- Added support for Seesmic and Onguard weather alert

2.7.2 (26 November 2011)
- Fix crashes reported - thanks all who reported!

2.7.1 (25 November 2011)
- Fix Russian version crashing on running the app

v2.7.0 (25 November 2011)
- Added option to allow/suppress sounds+vibrations when in calls and when the screen on and only vibrate when in silent
- Added custom vibrations
- Manually modify "brightness" value for button backlights
- Fix for KakaoTalk notifications
- Vtexts/mms based on e-mail address
- Performance improvements to reduce battery/cpu use
- Rewritten sleep settings to be more reliable and battery efficient
- Led control for leds not natively supported by the app
- Added, Go Daddy Mobile,Bump,ChatOn

v2.6.1 (20 October 2011)
- New option to get Handcent working "Alternate on monitoring" - check this if having problems.
- Fix for missed call clearing on some samsung phones

- Bug fixes
- Foreground service option for if you find LightFlow keeps stopping running.
- 12 More apps supported

- add 3 minute option to timer repeating notifications
- now only shows apps installed + list of extra apps supported
- add got signal
- debug widget improvements
- added vtexts support
- bug fixes
- added support for hotmail and lots more apps.

Version 2.4.1
- Improvements to gmail notifications
- Added Ultimate to-do
- Fixed Google+ spelling mistake!

Version 2.4.0
- temporary fix for gmail - if on the latest version contact specific notifications will be disabled
- fixes for handcent, go sms pro, sms popup
- fixed crashes when getting sms messages and
- relaxed the restrictions regarding direct mode
- added - visual voicemail, Scrabble, google plus notification, Tango, Moxier Mail, groupme, OKCupid, notify my android, Tasks    for Microsoft Exchange, Enhanced Email, TweetDark, Pulse, Todo Task Manager Pro, CNN, Pageonce, Google+, IM+, HeyWire, InoMail, Parcels

Version 2.3.0
- Added bluetooth notification
- Added wimax led control
- Fix for direct mode priority settings
- Fix for direct mode slow speed cycle
- Fixes for calendar notifications
- Added samsung sms texting notification acknowledgement
- Added hints to help set up certain notification types
- Other general bug fixes

Version 2.2.1
- Bug fix for change language
- Additional gmail permissions added for small percentage of users getting permissions denied crashes

Version 2.2.0
- Added a color mixer for direct mode - allows adding of blinking LEDs on some HTC phones
- Stopped rooted phones asking for permissions all the time
- Fix for Go SMS Pro
- More reminder intervals
- Added French and Danish translations
- Partial German translation and Italian
- Experimental settings added
       * Control of the camera flash for notifications
       * Control of the backlight buttons LEDs
       * Control of the trackball lights

Version 2.1.1
- Bug fixes for Handcent
- Added Globe Muzta

Version 2.1
- added root access for compatibility mode
- changed the "sky blue" color to be compatible with Motorola phones
- better debug widget
- deeper scan for led hardware so may work on more phones.
- better reporting via "contact us" as to what the phone is capable of and what permissions it requires
- added text+                    
- added wordsmith
- added IM+            
- added Google Tasks Organizer
- added talkdroid messenger
- added groupon
-  added Task List - ToDo List
- added Calengoo
- added weatherbug
- added Beluga  
- k9 has it's own category
- maildroid has it's own category

Version 2.0.1
- Numerous bug fixes for force close errors - thanks to all who reported
- New widget - just for helping debug the most common issues

Version 2.0.0
- Added contact based notifications for MMS, SMS, Missed calls and gmail
- Bug fixes for compatibility mode
- Added gmail initial sound and vibration patterns

Version 1.6.4
- Added Android market
- Added Chrome2phone
- Added pmessenger
- Added ColorNote
- Added Yahoo live score
- Added TV show favs
- Added Yahoo Messenger
- Yahoo mail now separated into it's own category
- New option to clear all notifications when you press "Clear" in the notification bar
- Bug fixes

Version 1.6.3
- Fixes for HTC phones
- Added xperia arc compatibility
- Fix for some force closes
- Accessibility reminder on upgrade (can be switched off in General settings)
- Accessibility check can be switched off
- Sms popup improvements
- Compatibility mode can now work without an sd card being mounted
- Added Russian translation - Thanks to Kolyshev Victor
- Added Italian translation - Thanks to Gianluca Sonnino

Version 1.6.2
- Improved compatibility for HTC phones

Version 1.6.1
- Bug fixes

Version 1.6.0
- New UI to quickly get an overview of settings.
- Faster startup times.
- Slower notifications flashing option.
- On screen toast messages.
- Bug fixes.
- Support for 10 gmail accounts.
- Better battery use due to less services used.
- Potential workaround for stopping to have to uncheck and recheck accessibility due to android bug.

Version 1.5.2
- Gtasks fixed, Bug fixes

Version 1.5.1
- Bugfixes

Version 1.5.0
- Beta support for HTC phones.
- Tested on the desire and desire HD but may work for most other modern HTC phones.
- You will need to switch on compatibility mode.
- New notification speed.
- Ability to change the language. * improved e-mail added, maildroid added.
- Added battery thresholds for low battery.
- Battery charging and charged notification.
- Tiger text. Newsrob

Version 1.4.2
- Fix for force close when pressing restore when there's no directory.
- Fix for when exiting reverting to default settings.

Version 1.4.1
- Bug fixes for Spanish and Italian version
- Fix for Force close on opening app

Version 1.4.0
- Updates: fixed the disabling of calendar notifications (they were always enabled).
- More consistent LED speed.
- Better timing of sound and vibration alerts.
- Better battery use.
- New features: Setting backup and restore to SD card.
- Enable disable LED for notification.
- Auto light switch off time

Version 1.3.2  
- Fixed 2 force close bugs.
- Added priority only gmail back into the user interface.
- Now shows a representation of the led color in the preference screen

Version 1.3.1
- Fix for notifications not working in the full version

Version 1.3.0
- Added compatibility for new motoblur email client.
- Dynamically builds screens.
- Added go sms,  kakaotalk, flow (f+), pingchat, DejaOffice, "good for enterprise", wordfeud and "words with friends"

Version 1.2.12
- Added LiveProfile, Exchange Touchdown, Ebay, Craigsnotifica, Taskos, TV Listings / TV-Guide(USA, UK, Germany and more) . - Added "Test" within each notification type (this works with gingerbread)

Version 1.2.11
- More Gtalk bug fixes.
- Added ChompSMS.
- Changed notification icon to match Gingerbread theme.

Version 1.2.10
- Gtalk bug fixes

Version 1.2.9
- Added gmail priority inbox option.
- Added ability to configure multiple gmail accounts differently.
- Rewritten gtalk notifications so they can automatically clear if a chat session is closed down from another device.
- Bugfix for occasionally not switching off certain notification lights.

Version 1.2.8
- Added foursquare.
- Fixed accessibility nagging.
- Added extra e-mail client to list. -
- Performance improvements to user interface

Version 1.2.7
- The app now checks you have suitable apps for the notification type before enabling them.
- Added astrid.
- Potential fix for gvoice

Version 1.2.6
- Initial call missed vibration added.
- Changed options for gmail clear notification styles.
- Multiple fixes for phones using motoblur, more coming soon(thanks to Randy Kim for help and testing).
- Force close fix when trying to switch on some notifications.
- Added Spanish translation - thanks to Santiago Rosales

Version 1.2.5
- Added plumes, k9, handcent and sms popup.
- Option to switch off notification while charging.
- New notification  clearing options.
- Vibrate bugfix, force close bug fix.
- New test led section and contact us link.

Version 1.2.4
- Fixed disabling of gmail notifications not working

Version 1.2.3
- Added sleep times for lights, sounds and vibration

Version 1.2.2
- Added Tweetdeck

Version 1.2.1
- Bug fixes

Version 1.2.0
- Added repeating sounds and vibration

Version 1.1.9
- Bugfix - where No Signal and Voicemail  would show even when the setting was set up as disabled.

Version 1.1.8
- Bugfix - fixed a force close while checking for accessibility being set.

Version 1.1.7
- Added tapatalk

Version 1.1.6
- Added whatsapp notifications.
- Rewritten missed call notifications to be more efficient and hopefully more reliable.

Version 1.1.5
- Bug fix for skype not switching off after running a test and then leaving the app.

Version 1.1.4
- Added skype, skype verizon and skype three uk

Version 1.1.3
- Added twidroyd support

Version 1.1.2
- Fixed voicemail

Version 1.1.0
- New UI
- Added facebook, twitter, voicemail, low battery, no signal

Version 1.0.7
- Bug fixes
- US localization added
- lite version now has the same led color options as the full version

Version 1.0.6
- Calendar reminders added as a category

Version 1.0.5
- More colors added
- Bug fixes

Version 1.0.4
- Bug fixes

Version 1.0.3
- Significant improvement in battery use - over 75% less in some situations.
- Additional led color added to the lite version.
- Bug Fixes.

Version 1.0.2
- Gmail, SMS and MMS notification lights will now go out when each of the messages has been read - instead of clicking on the notification icon.
Missed calls will show a notification icon which will allow you to cancel the missed call light and take you to the call log.

Version 1.0.1
- Added "test" option to set all notification lights on. Just re-enter the program to stop them!

Version 1.0.0
-  Initial market release

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