Aquamail support

We teamed up with the Aquamail developer to add support between the two apps. This gives the benefit of notifications working per email account set up in Aquamail.

Due to permissions set between the two apps to allow this to happen Aquamail must be installed before light flow to be able to see the accounts.

If Aquamail isn't showing up for you try the following:

  • Go into light flow
  • Select Tools
  • Select Backup and backup your settings
  • Uninstall light flow
  • Install light flow again
  • Go into light flow
  • Select Tools
  • Select Restore and restore your settings back in
Now when you go into Light Flow -> Notification settings and press on the "+" button you should see your accounts listed.

There is one limitation in aquamail, you mustn't use the smart inbox notifications in aquamail (ie keep your notifications per email account). Note it is fine to use the actual smart inbox feature, just not it's grouped notifications.

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