Phone Help - Samsung S6/S6 edge


Light Flow should work on the S6 and S6 edge.

The following phone settings are required:

Light Flow Legacy is recommended for better compatibility.

Android 7 users
The workarounds for Android 6 are not required in android 7, but you may have to clear the apps data if your phone upgrades from 6 to 7.

Go into your phone settings
  • applications
  • application manager
  • Select "Light Flow"
  • Storage
  • Clear data
This will reset the app and should fix issues that some users may be having after the upgrade.

Note you shouldn't need any of the samsung workaround options on in android 7 

Android 6 users
Light Flow, when prompted, make sure you switch the following:
  •  Notification Access (In your phone settings, Lock screen and security->Other security settings->Notification access if Light Flow doesn't prompt)
  • Accessibility  (In your phone settings, Accessibility if Light Flow doesn't prompt)
  • Samsung workaround. When it's enabled the yellow box will show "disable workaround" as it'll currently be enabled.
If you have any apps which allow controlling the LED in their settings, make sure you switch that option off. e.g. Facebook, whatsapp, twitter, Skype all have settings that can be switched off.

Some users are reporting that certain apps will cause the LED to still turn blue. The following are notifications that may cause this, but there may be more

  • SMS
  • Missed calls
  • Email (samsung's email app)
  • Gmail
  • Hangouts
If you get a blue led override the correct led for these then so far the only option seems to be in lightflow to set the "switch screen on" option for these notifications. You can set a small screen on time such as 0.3 seconds which seems to fix the issue.

Side effects of the samsung workaround

Due to the workaround there Are A Few Side-Effects For Light Flow Controlling Apps Where The Native App Is Raising A Notification.

  • You may get duplicate vibrations and sound if using the native app to control them instead of Light Flow
  • If the notification is expandable and has buttons then if the button doesn't launch the app then the notification will persist. For example Gmail shows an "Archive" and "Reply" button. If you press "Archive" the archive process will happen but the notification will still persist. Just swipe away to clear it. For the "Reply" button, when it's pressed enters Gmail to reply and therefore clears the notification automatically. 
  • If an app can normally remotely clear a notification (for example when you view a Gmail on another device) this notification won't automatically clear.
Note that all these side-effects only happen for apps without the option to switch the led off that would normally show one.

Are you still seeing a blue led when you've selected another color?

This will usually when system/stock apps raise a notification such as the messenger app, missed calls etc. Some users have reported that going into lightflow for these notifications and enabling the "Switch screen on" option helps ensure the LED ends up the correct color.

Why do Messenger notifications not always show?

The samsung sms app works a little differently to most other messaging apps.
Try going into light flow, notification settings, SMS and on the first tab set the last 4 options to

  • Off
  • On
  • Off
  • On

as shown in the screenshot above and see if that helps. Note that with these settings contact specific sms notifications will not trigger. If you want them to we'd recommend using a different messeging app such as EvolveSMS which allows you to switch off the LED control in their app.

Android 5.1.1 users
Details about controlling the LED on the S6 and S6 Edge on android 5.1.1 can be found here:

Previous versions of Android should just work as long as you go into your phone settings, sounds and notification and enable the LED option at the bottom of the list.

If it doesn't work but you've already got this on, try switch it off and back on again and then reboot the phone and see if that helps as I've known in the past the switch to show as the incorrect state.

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