Android M - changes affecting light flow

I've been busy over the last couple of hours trying to get a handle on all the changes coming in the android M preview

Here's a summary of things I can see that will affect Light Flow that I'll need to work on:
  • app permissions on request - Light flow needs many permissions for everything it does and there's going to be quite a bit of work working out when those permissions are used and what to disable in the user interface when they are disabled
  • The new doze mode by default I think will totally stop any led cycling, but it looks like with some extra calls I think I can get around this
  • I don't think the "fixed volume", "relative volume" sound options will work anymore as it seems setting the stream volume isn't permitted anymore. I also need to look at the "play sound when in silent mode" as there's changes around that as there's now just a toggle mute/unmute call that can be made
  • There's a new mode of "alarms" ie so your alarm will trigger in the morning etc - like "none" but including alarms. I'll add sleep mode triggers to lightflow and a new notification type (well that's my guess)
  • There's a new Torch mode API which will be quite nice as it should allow easier control of the camera led flash for notifications than the total non-standard mess that things currently are.

There's enough there to keep me busy for a while!

It won't be possible to publish any versions of the apps with these features at the moment as google don't allow it.

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