OnePlus One

The following settings were supplied by a user to get the OnePlus One working with lightflow:

Cyanogenmod --> settings:
Display & Lights --> Notification light --> Notification Light: Enabled (checked)
Accessibility --> Lightflow: Off
Security --> Notification Access --> Lightflow: Enabled (checked)

think the key is to change the above, turning them OFF and back ON if it is already on and then REBOOTING the phone.

Lightflow settings:
Summary: I didn't have to change ANY of the default app settings.

General settings --> Enable Light Flow: Enabled (checked)  --- IMPORTANT ---
General Settings --> LED Brightness: 100 percent (default)
General Settings --> Show LED in priority mode: Enabled (default)
General Settings --> Reduce Wake: Disabled (default)
General Settings --> Accessibility Check: Enabled (default)
General Settings --> Version upgrade reminder: Enabled (default)

LED Control Style: No changes (all default)

Sleep settings --> Enable sleep settings: Disabled (default)
Sleep settings: No changes (all default)

Persistent Icon --> Run in foreground: Enabled (default). I have changed this to Disabled and it works FINE without  the persistent Notification icon.
Persistent Icon --> Persistent Icon: Disabled (default)
Persistent Icon --> Persistent notification action: Launch Light Flow (default)
Persistent Icon --> Show the persistent icon in Colour: Disabled (default)
Persistent Icon --> Notification text: A count of active notifications

Device Settings and Root: No changes made (used default app settings)
Device Settings and Root --> Direct Mode: Off (default)
Device Settings and Root --> Root mode: Off (default)
Device Settings and Root --> Samsung root mode: Disabled (default)
Device Settings and Root --> Run every command as root: Disabled (default)
Device Settings and Root --> HTC Alternative direct mode: Disabled (default)
Device Settings and Root --> Reset color before change: Disabled (default)
Device Settings and Root --> Nexus 5 force LED reset: Enabled (default)
Device Settings and Root --> USA and Canada S3 mode: Disabled (default)

LED Control: No changes made (use default app settings)
LED Control --> Main LED control: Control - Light Flow controls the LED
LED Control --> Illumination Bar: Disabled (default)
LED Control --> Illumination alternative mode: Disabled (default)
LED Control --> Button back light control: No control (default)
LED Control --> Camera Flash LED control: No control (default)
LED Control --> Camera Flash control method: standard
LED Control --> 2-0068 control: Disabled (default)
LED Control --> led:flash_0 control: Disabled (default)
LED Control --> led:flash_1 control: Disabled (default)
LED Control --> led:flash_torch control: Disabled (default)
LED Control --> kpdbl-lut2 control: Disabled (default)
LED Control --> kpdbl-pwm-3 control: Disabled (default)
LED Control --> kpdbl-pwm-4 control: Disabled (default)
LED Control --> lcd-backlight control: Disabled (default)
LED Control --> mmc0 control: Disabled (default)
LED Control --> mmc1 control: Disabled (default)
LED Control --> torch-light control: Disabled (default)

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