Third Party App Integration - e.g. Llama and Tasker

From version 3.20.109 Light Flow allows 3rd party apps to toggle its settings. Apps such as Llama and tasker allow for this.

Below is a quick example of setting up actions to fire to change settings within light flow from other apps:

Add an event,  choose a condition then add an Action, choose "android intent"
Select an Intent send mode of "Broadcast".
Then an Action of one of the below.

If you press "ok" and "test actions" to see if you get a notification about switching on/off sleep mode.

If the Intent requires parameters place them into the "Extras" section. This can be done by just setting one parameter called EXTRA of type String

Here's an en example of the value to pass into the parameter for enabling the Facebook notification sound.


Select "tasks" 
Press the "+" icon.
Select "misc"
Select "send intent"
Set one of the options below and place it into the "Action" category:

If an intent is more complex and requires parameters then these can also be supplied as in the example below:

Set the action as follows:

When switching a notification on the following information is required:
..would enable the battery charging notification

extra - this part is fixed and always has a color (:) after it
notification type - much match with what lightflow calls each notification type, add the lightflow debug widget and test a notification and you'll see something like "WIFI IS ON", therefore in this case "WIFI" is the next parameter and is followed by a pipe (|)
notification title - the title string of what you to display in the notification/dashclock/pebble or widget
notification text - the detail to show in the notification/dashclock/pebble or widget

So for example in the "extras" field place the following:
notification:WIFI|Wifi On|Wifi body text
Light flow also has 5 generic notifications which can be used for your own functions you want notifications for. These are names


So for example if you want tasker to monitor CPU load you can set up an action in tasker for this and then issue an action of

with an "extra" of

notification:EXTERNAL1|CPU Load|CPU load is high

To switch the notification back off send:

with an extra of:

Light Flow now has over 80 different intents that can be sent to it. See here for details:

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