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Why is there no LED showing at all?
Try going into your phone settings -> notifications -> press the cog-> and and make sure "Pulse notification Light" is switched on.

Why is there a permanent notification in the pulled down notification bar when there wasn't on previous phones?
Any app that targets Android 6 (i.e. uses android 6 features such as run-time permissions, standard flash control etc) needs to build the app for Android 6 devices.

Google changed notifications in Android 6 so that notifications cannot be raised without a notification icon. As the LED is part of what Android classes as a notification the icon must exist for the LED to be able to show and for Light Flow to keep control of the LED.

I've raised a feature request with Google to improve LED control in future versions. It can be "starred" here but please don't comment.

Why do I sometimes for a small amount of time see a notification in the notification bar?
When the screen is off Light Flow needs to have a notification set with a priority that allows the LED to show. The priority level of notification that allows this requires a notification to show in the notification bar at the top. When the screen switches on the app detects this and changes the priority of the notification, but sometimes depending on timings of other events taking place on the phone it may take a split second to change.

When Light Flow is on my Ambient display keeps triggering
This is a known issue, as the LED is part of android's notifications the ambient display detects an outstanding notification and switches on the screen. Sometimes this can happen quite frequently. The only solution to stop this at the moment is to switch off the ambient display in your phone settings->display->ambient display. I've raised a feature request with google to try and improve this.

It can be "starred" here, but please don't comment.

Android 6.0 general changes blog entry:


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