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Does the Nexus 6 have any notification lights?
It's not been advertised as having any, but it does have Red, Green and Blue leds (which can be mixed for more colors) but your phone will need root as Google didn't provide any direct access to them from within Android.

Files for rooting can be found here: - note we have no association with that site, but it's one of the most popular methods for rooting the phone.

Once rooted, go into light flow and select the following

Setting->Device settings and root

Enable the following options

- Direct Mode
- Root mode
- Run every command as root

Once these are set the app can gain access to the LEDs.

To enable the leds for a notification, go into light flow -> Notification settings.

To get the best control of the led, go to the "Light" tab and choose the "Enable mixer" option.

With this you can set up the Red, Green and Blue leds and their brightness

You'll need to select the "Solid" option in the Red LED, Green LED and Blue LED sections for the colors you want to use.

Then you can set a brightness of the led. This can be set between 1 and 20 with 1 being the dimmest and 20 being the brightest.

I keep getting a message that supersu has granted access to lightflow.
There's 2 ways to stop this, go into supersu and switch off their notifications for lightflow.
The other option is to download set permissive mode and then switch off "run every command as root" in lightflow

I don't want to root, can I still access the LEDs?
Sadly not, it's the only way to control the drivers. I do plan to try add a screen based notification led in the future

The LED is always on and won't flash?
At the moment it doesn't seem like the drivers allow this

Will the LED being always on drain the battery faster?
LED's such as the notification LED use very little battery and you shouldn't notice a drain from having them on.

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