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What settings do I need to test the app on the nexus 5?
Go into your phone settings->security, notification access and switch off and back on light flow in the list.

Go into your phone settings->apps->select light flow and make sure "show
notifications" is checked.
Go into your phone settings->display. Make sure "pulse notification light" is checked.

Switch off your phone with the power button. Then switch it on again.
Go into lightflow -> general settings and make sure direct mode is off.
Then go into notifications -> missed calls.
Set the color to "red"
Set the flash speed to "fast"
Press "test"
Switch off your screen and wait 10 seconds.
Does the LED light up?

If not, try getting a real missed call as sometimes the test option is less reliable than the real notifications.

If it still doesn't work, try to disable and then re-enable the notification and repeat the test.

If that doesn't work, can you go into your phone settings, apps, choose light flow and select "clear data" and see if that helps.

Why do I sometimes for a small amount of time see a notification in the notification bar on android 6.0?
When the screen is off Light Flow needs to have a notification set with a priority that allows the LED to show. The priority level of notification that allows this requires a notification to show in the notification bar at the top. When the screen switches on the app detects this and changes the priority of the notification, but sometimes depending on timings of other events taking place on the phone it may take a split second to change.

Hangouts doesn't work for sms correctly
Make sure you are on version 3.14.101 or greater of the app for these to work
Note in version 3.14.101 for sms to work you'll also need "hangouts - all notifications" enabled as well as "sms apps". This dependency isn't required in later versions.

After a phone call the led is still on when the screen is on / the led flashes red/green/blue quickly after a call
This seems to be a bug on the nexus 5 or in android 4.4 (kitkat). I've put a workaround in, but it'll only fire once the screen is off as android ignores led controls make when the screen is on. Note you'll get a quick red,green,blue flash after calls to and for the 1st subsequent notification to reset the led to working again.

"Always on" flash speed doesn't work
The drivers don't support always on so the app's had a small change to have an "almost always on" settings instead which seems to be the best the LED driver can support.

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