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Latest Blog entries...

Phone Help - Xiaomi Redmi 3S Pro

Although I've not had one of these phones to try, there's some documentation here from users that have managed to get it working:


Change to settings for Samsung devices on Android 7

On Samsung devices there's been an outstanding issue of getting the default blue notification led and the only way to override it is to switch the screen on and off again.

Light Flow has done this automatically for notifications that would cause this issue.

I raised the issue with Samsung several months ago and provided them with code and a sample app to show the issue.

They confirmed it being an issue and sent it to HQ for investigation.

Although they don't plan to bring the change to android 6 they have fixed the issue in android 7.

Therefore Light Flow has identified the update to your phone and switched off the setting

->Light Flow->Notification Settings->Device specific and root->Samsung - switch screen on.

Light Flow version name changes and why....

With the latest version of Light Flow the versions of the app have had some name changes as follows:

  • Light Flow becomes Light Flow Pro
  • Light Flow Lite become Light Flow
  • Light Flow Legacy keeps the same name
To understand the versions, here's a little history......
Light flow started out 5 1/2 years ago back in the days of Android Froyo. Things have changed a little since then. At the time in app purchases didn't exist and the very first versions of the app were paid for only.

About a year later a Lite free version was created so users could see what the full version could do but with a reduced feature set.

This simple model worked well but meant that if somebody wanted to upgrade they had to remove the lite version and install the standard version - loosing their settings or having to transfer or back them up.

Therefore once available in-app-purchases were added to the lite version to allow for a simpler upgrade path.

This was all fine until Android 6 came out with some breaking changes to the way the app would work for showing the LED. From android 6, any app built for Android 6 (ie with android 6 features) required a persistent notification. I'm really aware that people didn't like this (I'd guess this would be an issue and customer feedback certainly emphasized it), so Light Flow Legacy was built. 

Legacy works on Android 6 in a kind of compatibility mode allowing notifications to work without a persistent notification (but it does miss a few android 6 specific features).

I didn't want people to have to pay for Legacy so came up with a method to prevent people paying again, but it means having the full and legacy version both installed.

As you can tell, things started to get complicated and if people wanted to move between the standard version and legacy it was a real pain.

Therefore this week we've introduced
  • Light Flow (License only)
This allows users to purchase the license to obtain full features and easily switch between versions.
Therefore the names were changed so that hopefully most users will initially install either
  • Light Flow or
  • Light Flow Legacy
Then if they like the app they can just purchase the license. 

The Pro version ideally wouldn't exist, but with over 100,000 people using it and Google providing no simple migration path both versions need to exist.

Anyone wanting to move to the new License only from the Pro version can get in touch and a license can be provided. Just let us know your google order Id of the purchase when getting in touch.

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